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Watch The First Trailer For Apple TV's Peanuts Special For Auld Lang Syne

For decades, the Peanuts have been there for the holidays to teach millions of families the true reason for the season. They've been there for Halloween to show that it's okay not always to get what you want, even if that includes a rock in your bag. They've taught us the true meaning of being thankful around Thanksgiving, and they've shown that you don't always need the flashiest presents or tree at Christmas to be the most loving person you can be. 

Luckily, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang haven't gone anywhere. Several new specials have emerged on Apple TV+ over the years, and it looks as though another one is on the way to celebrate the start of a new year. You'll want to ring in 2022 with your pals, once again trying to find meaning within the holiday in the newest special, "For Auld Lang Syne."

Re-introduce yourself to old acquaintances

The new Peanuts trailer debuted on YouTube on November 29, and it looks like it will have plenty of New Year's shenanigans for you and the whole family to enjoy. Lucy's upset that her grandmother didn't come to Christmas, so to take her mind off of it, she decides to throw the best New Year's bash ever. All of your favorite characters are invited, and it looks like Snoopy has gotten a family of dogs together to have a festive celebration, as well. 

Meanwhile, Charlie Brown's upset because he hasn't lived up to his New Year's resolutions. While merriment is certain to be on the horizon, we have a feeling the Peanuts crew has a few lessons to learn, too. After all, New Year's is a time of reflection and looking toward the future. "For Auld Lang Syne" likely will have that patented Peanuts wisdom that's guided people for so many years, and even if you haven't tuned in to the gang for a while, there's bound to be something for you to take away from it. 

"For Auld Lang Syne" streams on Apple TV+ beginning on December 10, 2021.