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Derek Hough Uses His Dance Skills On American Ninja Warrior Course

Former Dancing with the Stars pro Derek Hough spun his way through the Celebrity American Ninja Warrior course Thursday night, where he competed alongside Arrow star Stephen Amell to raise money for NBC's Red Nose Day, a charity which helps kids in poverty across the world. 

Hough's luscious locks and dance background paired perfectly with his Ninja coach, Daniel Gil, who helped him prep for the course and learn how to use his unique talents to get through the show's difficult obstacles. With Gil's assistance, Hough was able to fly through the Floating Steps and hold on through Cannonball Run. Unlike some of his fellow celebs, who tagged out for the Fly Wheels, Hough decided to do it himself, staying solid on the first two but falling on the third.

However, Hough wasn't giving up just yet, and climbed out of the water to try the obstacle again. A shirtless Hough made it through the obstacle on his second try, then defeated the Block Run (by skipping quite a few steps), before moving on to the Battering Ram and then, finally, the Warped Wall. Like Amell and two-time Olympic gold medal decathlete Ashton Eaton, Hough did finish all six obstacles by himself, even if one took a second try.

Hough, who moves to the judging seat this summer for NBC's World of Dance, was electric on the course, earning the cheers of his fellow Ninjas and bringing in $30,000 for Red Nose Day charities. As we celebrate his impressive accomplishment, read up on the untold truth of American Ninja Warrior.