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Why Katherine From The Lost Symbol Looks So Familiar

When "The Lost Symbol" premiered on Peacock in September, it was met with a chorus of interest mixed with skepticism, earning a middling 55% on Rotten Tomatoes. While most people are familiar with the movies – "The Da Vinci Code," "Angels and Demons," and "Inferno," starring Tom Hanks — this story takes place after the events of "The Da Vinci Code," with the famous symbolist, Robert Langdon (Ashley Zukerman), journeying across the U.S. to find his kidnapped mentor, Peter Solomon (Eddie Izzard). 

The part of Katherine Solomon, Peter Solomon's daughter, is played by Valorie Curry. Her character ends up joining Langdon on his quest to find her father and unravel the mystery behind his disappearance. If Curry's face seems familiar to audiences, it might be because her youthful appearance is really just a façade for her two decades of experience in film and television. Here's where you might've seen her before.

Valorie Curry's big break was in Veronica Mars

Valorie Curry's first breakout role came when she was around 19 years old, appearing as Jane Kuhne in the cult classic series, "Veronica Mars." Playing the girlfriend of Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III), one of Veronica Mars' (Kristen Bell) best friends, she has a 6-episode arc in Season 2 that sees her seek Veronica's help in finding her sister. In the episode "The Quick and the Wed," Jane's sister, Heidi (Virginia Williams), is about to get married in a few days when she suddenly disappears after attending her own bachelorette party. 

After finding the missing bride on a tour bus with her ex-boyfriend, along with ATM receipts for large sums of money recently taken out, Veronica discovers that Heidi's "disappearance" is really a set-up by her fiancé's family in an attempt to stop the wedding and get the engagement ring back. After turning the tables and getting her fiancé to be the one to call off the wedding, Heidi tells the wedding guests to enjoy the reception and walks off happily with Jane.

Next, Curry became a vampire

After taking a break to attend college, Valorie's next role would be in another cult favorite, as Charlotte in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2" (via Untitled Magazine). In the film, Charlotte and her partner, Peter (Erik Odom), are old vampire acquaintances of Jasper (Jackson Rathbone). They play a part in Jasper explaining his past and creating an army of vampire soldiers for a fellow vampire named Maria. Before the events of the last film, Jasper has a falling out with them due to the way he kills the vampire newborns, and Charlotte and Peter go their own way. 

After years pass and they reconcile with Jasper, Charlotte and Peter come to visit him and the Cullens. They arrive around the same time Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), is born. After Jasper tells them about the Volturi coming for them because they think Renesmee is created and not born, Charlotte and Peter agree to stick around to serve as witnesses that the child is actually a born vampire. Shortly after the Volturi are shown the truth, Charlotte and Peter leave town.

The Following was a juicier role for Valorie Curry

After guest appearances on "CSI: NY" and "Psych," Valorie finally got to show off her acting chops in a gritty new drama in 2013, nabbing a major supporting role on Fox's dark series, "The Following." The show stars Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent named Ryan Hardy who desperately tries to hunt down a serial killer named Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). 

Valorie Curry plays the blindly loyal Emma Hill, Carroll's partner in crime, as well as his lover. Emma is raised by her single mother, who she eventually stabs to death in a rage. She recalls her mother never showing her any love or warmth, and how she would constantly bring men home and have "loud sex with them," within hearing range of a young Emma. 

Despite her character being a murderer, Valorie admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she loved Emma, and viewed her as the greatest victim of Carroll: "She's in a miserable existence of loving this man she can't escape," said Curry about the role. She continued, saying that when Emma "was on her own she didn't exist, really, and she can't exist without [Joe]. She just wants the peace."

Curry recently joined a powerful superhero team

Curry's next role would be the complete opposite of the sadistic murderer Emma Hill, with the actress portraying Dot Everest in the Amazon comedy series, "The Tick." As Dot, she is the older sister of Arthur Everest (Griffin Newman), who fights evil alongside the titular superhero, The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz). Curry's character Dot looks after her brother after the villainous The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley) kills their father and others. She works as an EMT during the day and also practices martial arts. Dot also has a few special skills of her own, mainly the ability to see into the future if her or her loved ones are in danger. 

As the series progresses, so does Dot's development from a mild-mannered, brow-furrowing big sister, to a woman determined to get revenge for the death of her father. "The Tick" is a very fun show and well-loved by critics and viewers. It has a score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is the highest score for all of the films and television shows that Valorie Curry has appeared in so far. Unfortunately, the series got cancelled after two seasons (THR). Despite that, we can't wait to see what Curry continues to bring to the role of Katherine Solomon in "The Lost Symbol." As an actress who really throws her whole self into portraying her characters, seeing the humanity in even the worst of them, Curry is definitely a talent to watch.