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Hawkeye's Vera Farmiga And Tony Dalton Address Their Characters' Biggest Mystery

"Hawkeye" is here on Disney+, and a new hero emerges in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When she was a little girl, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) saw Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) fight off an alien threat in New York City, and her life forever changed. She wanted to be just like her hero, and now, she'll get the chance to team up with him for a holiday-themed adventure through the streets of the Big Apple. 

Of course, when she's not firing arrows at gang members, Kate's a young woman dealing with all of the same problems young women do, such as her mother, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga), dating a new guy, Jack (Tony Dalton). Kate's father died during the Battle of New York, and it seems like her mom's finally ready to get back into the dating pool, but something doesn't seem right about Jack. It appears there may be something nefarious lurking beneath the surface if the first two episodes are any indicators to go off of. But while Kate was too busy being upset at her mom, audiences may have had another thought. Namely, exactly how long were Eleanor and Jack dating before they got engaged? 

Now, Farmiga and Dalton have weighed in on the question, and while they don't have any answers, they have fun speculating.

Eleanor and Jack probably knew each other 'for a while'

When Kate returns home for the semester after breaking the school bell tower, she discovers her mother is already engaged to Jack. It comes as a massive shock, and Kate seemingly didn't even know about Jack's existence prior to the scene. It all begs the question of how long they were together before Jack popped the question. Apparently, the show isn't really going to address it since the two actors played it coy when asked about their relationship in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

When asked about the longevity of their relationship, Dalton offered this take, "I think that they've known each for a while, and maybe Jack has always had intentions. So I think Eleanor had her reservations until she finally said, 'Well, okay, what the hell?' What do you think about that?" Meanwhile, Farmiga puts together the following timeline, which makes the most amount of sense: "It's a bit mysterious in terms of how long this engagement has been. Obviously, it's been Kate's semester away. So if it's the holidays and the semester started in late August, it's at least four months." 

As any Marvel fan knows all too well, the studio plays it pretty fast and loose when it comes to timelines. Ultimately, all audiences need to know is that Eleanor and Jack weren't together very long, and now they're planning on getting married, much to Kate's chagrin.