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Who Is Really The Smartest Character In Netflix's Inside Job?

The internet has allowed conspiracy theories to spread and mutate at a rate not seen before in human history. Sure, there have always been some conspiracies, like how the moon landing was fake, but today, people are willing to believe everything from the Earth being flat to Avril Lavigne being replaced by someone else years ago (yes, look it up).

It's only natural a TV show has come along to poke fun at all these varying beliefs in the form of its latest animated sitcom, "Inside Job." The basic premise follows Reagan Ridley, a brilliant prodigy who works for Cognito, Inc., an organization dedicated to keeping conspiracies secret from the public. That's right; every conspiracy you've ever heard of is all here, and this business is the only thing standing in the way between public peace and utter turmoil. 

While the main cast gets into all sorts of wacky hijinks together, no one is truly out-and-out dumb. Every main character has a specialty, such as Gigi being a master social media manipulator. However, when it comes to one character outsmarting all of the rest, there's really only one name you have to put some respect on.

Rand Ridley barely edges out Reagan in terms of intelligence

Reagan is a genius; there's no other way to say it. But it appears she got her intelligence from dear old dad, who's arguably the most intelligent character on "Inside Job," at least from what we've seen so far in Season 1. 

Reagan may be able to create any gadget with whatever spare parts she has lying around, but Rand definitely edges her out when it comes to emotional and social intelligence. Reagan just doesn't really know how to talk to anyone, so she often runs into trouble getting her way. Meanwhile, Rand is a master manipulator, as evidenced by where he winds up in Episode 10. He successfully maneuvers himself into being the head of Cognito, Inc. once again, stealing the position away from his daughter. Now he's the top dog, and Reagan will have to work twice as hard to supersede him. 

Plus, Rand always seems to be two steps ahead of the competition. He wiped Reagan's memories so that she wouldn't remember her best friend and would dedicate herself to learning as much as she could about science and robotics. It may be evil, but it's pretty ingenious. This is, after all, a ranking for the smartest "Inside Job" character, not the most morally just. We're not sure who would come out on top of that list.