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What Happened To Wendy Moten On The Voice?

NBC's hit competition series "The Voice" has been churning out singing stars since its premiere way back in 2011. For over 20 seasons, the series pairs up hopeful vocalists with mega-famous singers to coach them throughout the competition. But first, each contestant must wow the coaches in the series' signature blind auditions. If the contestant can entice a coach enough with just their voice, the coach will slam their button and spin around to meet the newest member of their team. On Season 21 of "The Voice," when it came to choosing a coach, successful contestants who wowed at their audition had their pick between Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, John Legend, and Blake Shelton. With such an impressive lineup, contestants tend to choose a coach that matches the closest to their musical style. 

In this regard, Season 21 is turning out to be an especially good one for country star Shelton and his team. As of Tuesday night's results show, all three of his team members have made it to the overall top 10, which includes experienced backup singer Wendy Moten. Although she made it through to the competition's next round, fans had another reason to worry about the singer.

The Voice's Wendy Moten had a serious fall on stage

On Tuesday's live results show, coach Blake Shelton and his team made up of Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, and Lana Scott took to the stage for a live performance of "Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)" by Four Tops (via YouTube). The performance went smoothly up until the very end when Shelton and his teammates were leaving the stage. As Moten, Winningham, and Scott start leaving the stage, Moten seemingly tripped over a stage monitor and took a nasty fall, landing on her face. Her teammates rushed to her side, and "The Voice" host Carson Daly briefly paused the show (via Yahoo).

Thankfully, Moten was able to walk off the stage. It didn't take long before Daly brought back the Team Blake singer on stage to ask if she was okay, to which she replied, "I'm okay. I'm a little bruised, but you know what? I'm still ready to go!" Taking a tumble on live TV has got to be every performer's worst nightmare, but luckily for Moten, she was able to get up and running in no time and will face her other competitors on Monday night's show, which airs at 8 p.m. ET on November 29 on NBC.