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The Surprising Thing Outlander Fans Want To See In Future Seasons

In the Starz series "Outlander," a nurse from 1945 finds herself suddenly in 1743, after stumbling through some standing stones in Scotland. The show follows Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) over the course of many years, as this strong, opinionated, and passionate woman tries to acclimate to the patriarchal world of the past she finds herself in. Viewers are enthralled with the show, tuning in throughout the seasons as Claire later travels back to her present time, returning to her husband, giving birth to a daughter, and becoming a doctor. 

While at times brutal in its depiction of the late 1700s and beyond, "Outlander" has proven so popular that although it recently finished filming Season 6, it has already been renewed for a seventh season. In recent seasons, Claire makes the decision to return to the past to find and reunite with her true love, Jamie (Sam Heughan). While Claire and Jamie's love story is the heart of "Outlander," many viewers have been disappointed with one aspect of the show, and they hope future seasons will give them more of a glimpse.

Fans want to see Claire's daily routines

It's no surprise that Caitriona Balfe looks flawless in every scene, whether it's in 1945 or 1771. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Irish beauty was discovered by Ford Models when she was a teenager, and spent the next two decades modeling. Despite the fact that someone like Balfe looks gorgeous with very little makeup, "Outlander" viewers want to see her beauty routine in the 1700s. According to a Reddit thread created by u/Miserable-Report6467 that has gotten over 200 upvotes, many viewers are dying to see more of the humdrum daily routines of the 18th century. User shannboss posted that "they love those slices of life, especially in the books. Some of my favorite parts are in between the BIG DRAMATIC EVENTS, when it's just a day in the life of." 

Obviously, there weren't fingernail clippers yet, so how does Claire cut her nails? You couldn't pop into Sephora to get the latest makeup palette, so what does Claire use for special occasions? How do people keep their teeth clean, since the toothbrush wasn't invented yet at the time? Show creators and producers often like to skip the mundane to focus on the main story, but with this period romance, the history is practically its own character. Hopefully, the showrunners will decide to give fans a glimpse of Claire's daily routines in future seasons, finally satisfying all the "Outlander" history buffs watching.