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Eternals VFX Artist Reveals Which Costumes Were Entirely CGI

Marvel's latest film, "Eternals," is nothing short of visually stunning. Rather than adopting Marvel's typical, green screen-heavy production style, the film's visionary director, Chloé Zhao, chose to shoot a lot of the movie on real locations around the world (via THR). The film also boasts an impressive amount of thrilling, well-realized fight scenes between its mythical evil creatures and immortal superheroes. All in all, "Eternals" offers viewers a truly eye-catching experience.

The film follows a group of heroes who are tasked with protecting Earth's humans from creatures called Deviants. Each Eternal has their own set of unique superpowers they employ to combat the Deviants, but after many years of living in peace, the film sees the Deviants make their return to Earth in the wake of the events of "Avengers: Endgame."

Of course, no character can truly be considered a "superhero" without some kind of costume, and the Eternals are no different. While the majority of the film's central stars don their own unique, practical superhero suits, you may be surprised to learn that two of the Eternals' costumes were actually made entirely with CGI.

Thena and Eros' costumes in Eternals were created using CGI

In "Eternals," Thena (Angelina Jolie) is the so-called goddess of war, and as such, she needs a costume that can match her graceful fighting style. As a result, the film's visual effects supervisor, Matt Aitken, decided Thena's suit needed to be created with CGI in post-production. In an interview with Comicbook.com, Aitken explained, "She's a CG from the neck down, because the suit design changed in post-production. Getting her body performance so that it had that iconic aspect to it, they've cast Angelina Jolie for a reason. And part of that is that she has a way of moving that's almost like a dancer."

The other Eternal with a CGI suit is Eros (Harry Styles), who makes his entrance in the film's first post-credits scene. Discussing Eros' costume, Aitken said, "Obviously we had digi-doubles of them all, but the only other one that changed completely was, you mentioned the post-credits or the mid-credits scene with Starfox, or Eros slash Starfox and Pip the Troll. Eros' costume was another redesign."

Given how mobile Thena is in the film's fight scenes and how late in the game Eros arrives in "Eternals," it makes a lot of sense that the film's visual effects artists created their costumes in post-production.