Hayao Miyazaki Will Return To Filmmaking With A Grand Animated Fantasy

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most defining contributors to animation in history. His 11 animated films have displayed some of the most beautiful imagery ever put on screen. In fact, Looper even ranked every one among it's 50 Best Anime Movies Of All Time. Now it's been revealed he's set to add more to the photo album for us mere mortals to weep over in what will be his final directorial effort.

Speaking to The New York Times, the legendary director, storyteller, and founder of Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki, has revealed he's set to helm a brand new fantasy film that will stand as the swan song of his astonishing career. It will mark his first directorial effort on a feature film in eight years, and the notoriously press-shy icon is staying as stoic and silent about it as we'd expect him to be. What we do know of the project is that it will take from one of the filmmaker's favorite childhood stories and once again highlight the bond between parent and child.

So we can prepare to sob like always, then? Marvelous.

Hayao Miyazaki's final film sounds incredible

Hayao Miyazaki's final film is based on the 1937 book "How Do You Live?" by Genzaburo Yoshino. Both IMDb and The New York Times have appeared to confirm that the film will have the same title. The book tells the story of a 15-year old boy from Tokyo who is dealing with the recent passing of his father. The book has only received an English translation this October by Bruno Navasky, 84 years since its original publication.

As of this writing, Miyazaki continues to wield the air of a real-life wizard by refusing to confirm just how much of the novel will head to the big screen.  Offering a clue, however, the filmmaker's longtime collaborator and producer, Toshio Suzuki told The New York Times that the plan is for "fantasy on a grand scale." To add even more mysticism to the project, when asked if his new film will answer the titular question of "How Do You Live?" he replied with the perfect Hayao Miyazaki response. "I am making this movie because I do not have the answer."

It's okay. Let your mind be blown right there.