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Why Will Smith's Dramatic Bel-Air Teaser Trailer Has Fresh Prince Fans So Divided

Reboots of beloved properties have often tweaked with the original formula. The "Jump Street" films took a serious series from the 1980s and turned it into a comedy, whereas Blumhouse took "Fantasy Island" and gave it a horrific twist. Now, the beloved 1990s comedy "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is being revamped in what looks to be a polished, flashy new drama on Peacock — and the brand new teaser has been met with some mixed reactions.

Originally starting out as a YouTube fan film that went viral, the "Bel-Air" short caught the attention of the original star of the show, Will Smith, who jumped on board to produce the reboot as a TV series. Jabari Banks was later crowned the new Fresh Prince (with the surname having no impact, honestly) in his first major acting role. The all-new teaser shows the new Prince taking a seat on his throne, which is striking enough as it is — but it seems that it's the narration from a familiar voice that has left fans unsure.

Fans are unsure a Fresh Prince drama will work

It's still too early to say how the new series will play with old fans, but for now, this video has definitely been dividing social media. Following the new reveal, one of the bigger responses appears to be concern that the story might not work well in a dramatic format. Responding to the trailer on Twitter, TCKIII said, "Hahahahhahaha 'Fresh Prince: The Drama' this show is #jumpingtheshark with the intro," while LykoXxx noted, "the intro feels cheesy and cool while bad at the same time. It's confusing." Also, Stevoyah won the award for best gif usage by simply posting Will's pal Jazzy Jeff being thrown from the iconic Bel-Air steps.

On the flip-side, there were also many fans did have hope for this fresh (ahem) new take. However, they were quick to highlight that Will Smith narrating with lyrics from the original theme tune wasn't that great a decision, regardless. FansofSector2814 said "Terrible line reads by Smith. Sounds like he's falling asleep. I expected better to be honest," but added, "Hopefully the show has better line reads."

Some viewers didn't have any worries at all, though. For instance, EdwardsIsSoCool said, "I am so looking forward to watching 'Bel-Air' Peacock."

We can only wait and if the new Prince rules when the new series of "Bel-Air" arrives on Peacock in 2022.