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The Dramatic Fresh Prince Reboot Bel-Air Just Found Its Lead

You heard it here, folks: There's a new Fresh Prince in town.

NBC Universal's streaming service Peacock has announced the lead has been cast for "Bel-Air," the dramatic reboot of beloved '90s sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Actor Jabari Banks (his real last name, in a fateful coincidence) has officially been appointed as the heir to Will Smith's throne, as reported by Deadline. In an emotional video shared by Peacock, we see Smith himself reveal the exciting casting news to Banks, as the young actor reacts in real time, overjoyed.

Banks, a fellow native to West Philadelphia, has never acted professionally before, and we can't imagine a more exciting opportunity for a young actor than to get to step into the shoes of one of TV's most iconic teenagers. "Bel-Air" is hotly anticipated by fans of the original series, though this reboot will be quite different tonally from the classic sitcom. 

What do we know so far about the upcoming show?

Bel-Air is based on a fan film

"Bel-Air" is based on a fan film created by filmmaker Morgan Cooper, which reimagined "The Fresh Prince" as a gritty primetime drama. The series comes courtesy of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith's Westbrook Studios and Universal Television, and the show has already received a two-season order. Cooper directs and serves as co-writer and executive producer.

Like the "The Fresh Prince," "Bel-Air" will tackle political and social issues, though as a drama, it will do so with more depth and nuance. However, fans of the original '90s sitcom can rest assured the new adaptation, set in our modern day, will still "[deliver] swagger and nods to the original show," as explained by Deadline

"Bel-Air" which will air on NBC's streaming service Peacock, does not currently have a premiere date. Yet, with it's talented lead actor, approved by the original Fresh Prince himself, we have doubt the show will be worth the wait.