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The Real World Detail That Has Hellbound Fans Scratching Their Heads

When a movie or TV show has such a fantastical premise, you have to suspend your disbelief throughout the runtime. After all, it's not like monsters and ghosts exist in the real world, and sometimes, the ensuing ramifications of these fantasies cause other plot holes to manifest within a story.

One of the biggest fantasies making waves right now on social media is the new Netflix show "Hellbound." The show revolves around apparitions that come to Earth to tell people when they're going to die. When that time comes, demons spawn from the Earth to drag the person into an abyss. It's a horrific tale and one you should be cautious of watching by yourself in the dark.

It may be easy for some to accept the terrifying premise. After all, demons and curses are nothing new in the realm of fiction. However, there's one aspect of the show that some people on social media are having a more challenging time accepting, and it may surprise you to hear what it is.

Why doesn't the government respond to the creatures?

After seeing the first victim to the monsters, we cut to a sequence introducing us to a South Korean police force. They seem keenly interested in stopping the creatures, and while it's nice that someone's trying to make the world safer, some viewers found it odd how they didn't get any backup. There was no military force and no real government intervention outside of the immediate force.

It's a bit odd, considering these are supposed to be global occurrences. As a Korean production, it makes sense the main action would be confined to a single area, but some viewers believe there should still be some semblance of action from world leaders. That was one Redditor's main source of criticism, who wrote, "Where the heck is the military or global government response to these hell creatures? The fact it seems to be only having the police involved is ridiculous and breaks suspense of disbelief."

Those sentiments were echoed by u/Nyloc70, stating, "I thought it was odd that this 'phenomenon' was supposedly happening across the globe but they never showed any news clips from other countries, or even anything with the South Korean president, etc. You'd think something like this would warrant a response from the highest levels of government but all they showed was a few talking heads debating on the news." It's clear many people wanted this global catastrophe to be more global in scope. Perhaps it's an issue that can be rectified when the show gets a second season.