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Burning Questions Fans Have About Only Murders In The Building's Season Finale

After a season of unraveling the complicated story behind Tim Kono's murder, Season 1 of Hulu's "Only Murders in the Building" ends with a whole new mystery set up for Season 2. True to the title of the series, another murder has occurred in the Arconia — but our main trio of podcasters are now the prime suspects: Mabel (Selena Gomez) is caught red-handed with her knitting needle stuck through the chest of Arconia board member Bunny (Jayne Houdyshell).

The question of who killed Bunny is enough to fuel Season 2, but there are also several strange occurrences leading up to that moment that have left fans with countless burning questions. Here's a quick recap: Along with Mabel, Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) were celebrating the arrest of Tim's murderer and the end of their podcast with drinks on the roof. Mabel then ran down to her apartment to get more champagne. While she is gone, sirens get closer to the Arconia, and then Charles and Oliver receive a text from an unknown number saying only, "Get out of the building now!!!" Panicked, they run down to Mabel's apartment — only to find her covered in Bunny's blood.

The police arrive — hence the sirens — and the trio is arrested for Bunny's murder, ending the season on a giant cliffhanger and leaving fans with so many questions.

Who sent the text to Charles and Oliver?

Other than the identity of Bunny's murderer, the biggest question on everyone's minds is: Who sent the text to Charles and Oliver (and why)? And, while we're at it, who called the police? The strange thing is that the police arrive just as Charles and Oliver find Mabel with Bunny's body, so it appears that someone called them in advance. Perhaps it was the murderer, trying to frame them.

In a thread discussing the finale, Reddit user u/abigailjudith posited that maybe Detective Williams (Da'Vine Joy Randolph), the detective assigned to Tim Kono's case who leaked his phone to the trio, sent the text message. When they're being arrested, she tells them, "Don't say a f—ing word," making her appear to believe in their innocence. Plus, she would know that the police were on their way to the Arconia. Either way, fans are hoping to see more of her next season.

Still, we don't know if the text was also sent to Mabel or not. If the detective sent it, she likely messaged all three of them, but if only Charles and Oliver received it, maybe the sender was trying to frame Mabel. There appear to be at least two mysterious people at work here: One who murdered Bunny and one who sent the text, but is one of those the same person who called the police?

Other fans suggested that the text isn't related to Bunny's murder or the police sirens, but is, in fact, just one of their neighbors wanting the trio to move away. In contrast, user u/karmafloof thinks the murderer sent the text so Charles and Oliver would be with Mabel when the police arrived — leading them to get arrested as well. Right now, anything is possible.

And what is Cinda doing there?

As for the motive behind Bunny's killing, there are countless theories thrown around by fans. User u/SavedMontys suggested that one of the podcast fans killed Bunny to get the trio to make another season of their podcast. It's true that Mabel has talked about her knitting needles in the show's voiceover, so it seems likely that she also mentioned them on the podcast, giving any listener a way to frame her.

However, many fans are wondering why Cinda (Tina Fey), the popular true-crime podcaster, is at the Arconia when the trio is arrested. How would she have known to be there? Some fans think she has an in with the police to get the jump on new stories. Other fans are more suspicious of her: u/karmafloof thinks that Cinda may have something to do with Bunny's murder, either so she can deal with the competing podcast or to create material for her own.

Then there's the question of why Bunny was wearing a tie-dye hoodie that looks just like Oscar's (Aaron Dominguez). Did someone mistake her for Oscar? Or, did she steal the hoodie from one of Oliver's packages? The whole scene is rather strange, but it certainly gives Season 2 a lot to start with.

Then there's the loose ends...

Of course, before the new murder in the building even occurs, Mabel says she feels like there are still loose ends. Mabel never says what exactly she means by this, but fans have plenty of leftover questions that could qualify.

One of the most prominent is: Who left the note on Jan's (Amy Ryan) door? In Episode 8, Jan — who we later learn is the murderer — finds a note that says, "I'm watching you," before she stabs herself. While some fans think she put the note there herself, the evidence seems to indicate the opposite. In the scene she finds it, no one else is around but the camera, so it doesn't seem to be a fakeout like her stabbing is. In fact, it almost seems like she stabs herself in response to the note. Maybe she was worried someone was onto her and she tried to divert their attention.

Plus, there's the whole clue about someone in the police department interfering with the Tim Kono investigation. Halfway through the season, Detective Williams learns that the toxicology report was never submitted — so we didn't learn he was poisoned until later — and his phone never made it to IT. She says someone higher up wants hands off the case, but we never learn who this is. Now, with the police arresting Mabel, Charles, and Oliver, this might become more relevant.

Hopefully, these burning questions will be answered in Season 2, though fans will probably be left with many more by the end of it.