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Jeremy Renner Has An Unorthodox Vision For Hawkeye's Future

The first episodes of Disney+'s "Hawkeye" are due out in just five days, and Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton — who never did get a movie of his own — will finally have a chance to become the main player. The new series will apparently show how Clint's post-Blip past, during which he took on his Ronin persona and went out on a killing spree on the criminals who survived Thanos' Snap (as shown in "Avengers: Endgame"), catches up to him. It also introduces Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), a long-running character in the Marvel world who may become Hawkeye's Marvel Cinematic Universe successor, just as she did in the comics. 

"Hawkeye" is set to tell its tale over just six episodes, so it's natural to be wondering what's in store for Clint after the series ends. As it turns out, the actor who portrays him has an idea for his character's future, and it's not what you might expect. Though on the other hand, it might be exactly what you think, if you know Hawkeye's pen-and-ink-based history.

Could Clint take on Captain America's role?

In an interview with Ali Plumb from BBC Radio 1 released today, the British film critic called Clint "thoroughly underutilized," also noting that he's "so glad the show is giving you a bit more time." Later, Renner went back to that statement, saying, "Well, look, he was the head of West Coast Avengers. I would personally love to see him be in that sort of Captain America leader role, actually, which I think he would succeed in — calling the shots and doing these types of things as a quarterback, instead of being more like a wide receiver ... That would be really interesting, I think, to see him do."

Renner is referring to the fact that, when the West Coast Avengers were introduced in 1984, Hawkeye was their leader. The "West Coast Avengers" #1 issue actually featured him on the cover, standing with bow in hand, saying, "Who will answer Hawkeye's call to join the new team?" In the comics, he has also led the Thunderbolts, the New Avengers, and the Secret Avengers; in the case of the Secret Avengers, Captain America is the one who suggested him as the team's new head (via Comicbook.com). 

It seems like a solid choice. As Plumb pointed out, the Avengers tend to do better when Clint is involved: he quoted a months-old tweet in saying that the Avengers are 7-0 in battles in which Clint is involved, and are 0-4 in battles against or without him. "Just the maths, guys," he said. "Make him your quarterback." 

It looks like he'll get a taste of the quarterback life in the new series, finally — but whether he stays in that position or lets Kate Bishop take over remains to be seen. "Hawkeye" airs starting November 26 on Disney+.