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Chloe Grace Moretz Navigates A Post-Apocalyptic World In The First Trailer For Mother/Android

Plenty of movies have explored our anxieties about how much we rely on technology and how easily it can get out of control — especially technology like artificial intelligence and robotics. Films like "Bladerunner" and the "Terminator" franchise and TV shows like "Westworld" have all envisioned scenarios where our human-like creations eventually rise up in revolt and replace us. Now, another movie that looks to carry on that tradition is "Mother/Android." 

The Hulu original film stars Chloë Grace Moretz as Georgia, an expectant mother living in a world where blue-eyed androids have taken over society. Along with her partner Sam (Algee Smith), she has to make her way across hundreds of miles of dangerous territory to the one place where it's safe to give birth. It's written and directed by "The Batman" screenwriter Mattson Tomlin (via Variety).

A synopsis like that should be intriguing if you like these kinds of stories. A month ahead of "Mother/Android's" streaming premiere, Hulu has released a full-length trailer on YouTube. Based on the trailer, it looks like "Mother/Android" very much delivers the goods. Read on for a full breakdown.

The trailer for Mother/Android makes it look like a classic cyborg-themed horror-fest

The trailer starts off with a small moment. Georgia wakes up in a tent feeling the discomforts of pregnancy. Sam gently reminds her that they need to get up and keep moving. Soon, it becomes clear why. A menacing-looking android starts pursuing them, and Georgia and Sam have to scramble onto their dirt bike to escape.

Next, we get a flashback to how this whole mess started. Blue-eyed androids had become part of the fabric of everyday life. We see one serving as a butler to a group of people having a holiday party. "In a perfect world, none of this would have happened," Georgia narrates as the android-butler suddenly becomes violent. The android uprising begins.

Then, the trailer lays out Georgia and Sam's journey. They're traveling through the android-infested "No Man's Land" to Boston, which is the only safe haven left. Along the way they meet a human militia leader who warns them that they're up against an enemy that literally never sleeps. 

There are several shots of Georgia and Sam evading more eerily blue-eyed cyborgs, while various characters expound on the stakes of the situation. The future of humanity looks bleak, and most humans feel like their species is on the verge of extinction. The one thing keeping Georgia going is her unborn child. "My son, I'm going to give you the one thing I have left: a chance," Georgia says. 

Will they make it to safety? Find out when "Mother/Android" premieres on Hulu on December 17, 2021.