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Don Johnson And Cheech Marin Return In The Nash Bridges Movie Trailer

As Hollywood continues to reboot, reimagine, and remake film and television hits from every era, we're officially starting to see the return of some very unlikely faces. And it's safe to say the return of Don Johnson's "Nash Bridges" is one nobody expected to see. Yet here we are, prepping for the imminent arrival of a "Nash Bridges" redux, which will arrive on USA Network via a two-hour television movie on November 27, 2021.

If you're not familiar with the series, "Nash Bridges" brought some serious buddy-cop vibes to the primetime television realm when it debuted back in 1996. It did so fronting charismatic performances from Don Johnson and Cheech Marin, who portrayed a pair of quippy Bay Area detectives that used their wits, their fists, and a flash 1970s muscle car to solve crimes in San Francisco. It's been 20 years since "Nash Bridges" aired its finale, but Nash and Joe are indeed back in the proverbial saddle for a fresh new case. And if the new trailer for the "Nash Bridges" revival is any indication, they haven't missed a beat. 

Nash Bridges' return promises thrills, chills, and plenty of cheeky one-liners

"Nash Bridges" fandom will be happy to know both Don Johnson and Cheech Marin are front and center for the bulk of that trailer, signaling the dynamic crime-fighting duo will not be ceding much screen time to new faces in the revival movie. They'll be even happier to know a 20-year absence hasn't diminished the uncanny chemistry between the stars. If anything, their chemistry is stronger than ever with the new trailer fronting loads of the same quippy energy that made "Nash Bridges" so much fun to watch.

As for what Nash and Joe are up to in the trailer, they've both understandably retired from the SFPD as it opens, with the former passing his days quietly, and the latter going full Cheech by running a marijuana dispensary. The duo is called back into action thanks to a series of grisly Bay Area murders that have so-far stumped the SFPD elite, who are hoping Nash and Joe can crack the case with some old-school police work. Once back in the fold, they find the SFPD has changed dramatically, and promptly set off on an fast-talking, punch-throwing, car-crashing, buddy-cop thrill-ride the likes of which were all the rage in the '80s and '90s— a fact cheekily noted by one of their new co-workers in the trailer itself.

All in, the new "Nash Bridges" looks a lot like the old "Nash Bridges." And that should come as welcome news for fans of the beloved '90s series.