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Here's Who's Playing Radical Ed In Netflix's Cowboy Bebop

If you're a fan of the original "Cowboy Bebop" anime, you might have noticed that someone was missing in the lead-up to Netflix's live action adaptation of the classic series. While all of Netflix's promotion relished in showing off major characters like Faye, Jet, and Spike, some of the iconic crew of the Bebop was left on the wayside. Specifically, Radical Ed, the eccentric child computer whiz with a heart of gold, was missing. Fret not, however, as the character makes her grand entrance in the first season's final moments.

Because the character was absent for the hype leading up to this adaptation's release, there was a lot less discussion surrounding who Netflix would choose to portray Ed. In a way, that almost ensured that Netflix's decision would be a surprise no matter what. Even then, the actor who's playing Radical Ed is sure to catch you off guard, as "Cowboy Bebop" is their first major role.

Anime fans, meet Eden Perkins

As announced by Netflix Geeked via Twitter, the actor playing Radical Ed in "Cowboy Bebop" is none other than Eden Perkins. Not much is currently known about Perkins, and we guarantee that a Google search won't bring up an IMDb page (at least for now). But overall, it's fair to say that Netflix is trying its best to remain faithful to the character. True to Ed's nonbinary characterization, Perkins prefers gender neutral pronouns (they/them), as indicated in the aforementioned tweet.

Unfortunately, whether the rest of Ed's character is adapted faithfully is still left to fate. The character doesn't show up for very long before the series' first season comes to a close, though their brief appearance does show us that the character's appearance is much the same. According to IGN, the show's creators purposefully save Ed for the last moments to open the way for a Season 2 in which they would further explore the character, as Season 1 dedicates itself to just Spike, Faye, and Jet.

"We really take our time to get to know our characters. And Ed is a very complicated character in all of the good and right ways," showrunner André Nemec told IGN. "And I wanted to make sure that, fingers crossed, we get to a Season 2 that we really have the appropriate amount of time to explore the character of Ed." So keep your eye out for more Ed in an upcoming second season of "Cowboy Bebop," hopefully.