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Ryan Reynolds Requests Old Man Deadpool Movie In Logan Honest Trailer

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Logan.

Ryan Reynolds is ready to burn every single VHS copy of Crash if Hugh Jackman doesn't get an Oscar nomination for Logan. The star appeared in character as Deadpool in the recently released Honest Trailer for Jackman's last outing as Wolverine, calling on director James Mangold to do the same sort of gorgeous send-off for Wade Wilson in twenty years.

"In a cinematic universe known for its huge casts, CGI, and mix-up timelines, an X-Men movie will rise above the it's peers by saying 'f*** that, we're doing our own thing,'" the Honest Trailer begins, before commending Fox's "cahones" for not putting Wolverine or X-Men in the movie's title. It then pulls the viewer into the "sun-blasted dystopia where the last surviving X-Men have been screwed out of their comic book royalties," introducing us to Logan, a former hero and now that Uber driver who you skip out on since he seems a little too murder-y. 

Logan picks a fittingly epic villain for the hero, who has battled the likes of Sabretooth, Magneto, and Silver Samurai, now pitting him against... "bloody coughing fits, fading eyesight, alcoholism, claw pus, suicidal depression, Mel Gibson facial hair, and the constant urge to nap." Yup, Logan definitely makes you realize that we're all going to get old and die someday. 

Everything changes when Logan meets Laura, his clone daughter, who he and Professor X take to North Dakota– with no Jean Grey, Mystique, or time travel in sight. Their mission is complicated by the fact that "steampunk Colonel Sanders" is chasing them across the country doing his best impression of Val Kilmer in Tombstone; luckily, though, they know what he's up to thanks to a video by expert cell phone documentarian Gabriela. 

While the trailer gets in lots of snarky lines, the narrator ultimately ends up breaking down as he talks about Logan's death scene, and he decides to call on someone extra snarky for help. Enter Reynolds' Deadpool, who says that he's "not gonna s*** on Logan." However, he does say that he's already behind Mangold making Old Man Deadpool in 2038. "Oh man, how good would that be," he says. "Just 90 minutes of Cable and I changing each other's space diapers." Hey, we would watch it. 

Logan was released today on DVD and Blu-ray. If you're a fan of the film, see some characters who have more meaning than you realized.