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Is There A New Law & Order: Organized Crime Episode Tonight? (November 18, 2021)

NBC's latest crime series "Law & Order: Organized Crime" has been totally revamping the franchise and setting it on a new path. But of course, the old familiar face of Christopher Meloni's Elliot Stabler is back and more traumatized than ever. Unlike the typical "Law & Order" story structure, the cases in "Organized Crime" tend to last throughout several episodes, leading to a more serialized experience that most Dick Wolf fans are used to. This has allowed for more character development — such as watching Stabler slip deeper into an identity crisis, or turning the villainous criminals into main characters in their own rights. 

Last week, NBC aired the eighth episode in the second season, entitled "Ashes to Ashes." The episode had everything that makes "Law & Order" great — explosions, plot twists, divisions of loyalty. At the end of the most recent episode, we saw Stabler leave his undercover life in the Albanian drug ring, forsaking his identity as Eddie "Ashes" Wagner. While it might seem like a relief for Stabler to escape the all-consuming mission, he's having a hard time letting go of his new mobster identity.

This all begs the question: Are we going to get some resolution tonight?

Law & Order: Organized Crime is taking a brief hiatus

Unfortunately for fans who wants to know what's next for Stabler on "Law & Order: Organized Crime," they will have to wait a few weeks. NBC is putting both the new show and "Law & Order: SVU" on hiatus until December 9, when new episodes will again air. For now, the network is planning on playing re-runs from the second season of "Organized Crime" to get everyone up to speed before Stabler's next mission, which will likely involve his nemesis Richard Wheatly and his impending trial. 

On November 18, NBC plans to air the first episode from Season 2 of "Law & Order: Organized Crime," entitled "The Man With No Identity," in the primetime spot. Those interested can revisit the early days of Stabler taking on the identity of Ashes and inserting himself into the New York City cocaine mob. It's a good episode to rewatch after the midseason finale to really track Stabler's progress both in the case and in his own head.