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Jeremy Renner Opens Up About Clint Barton's Hearing Loss In Hawkeye

Marvel fans have another reason to be excited this holiday season. "Hawkeye," the long-awaited solo story of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), debuts on Disney+ November 24th. If the trailers are any indication, this six-episode series will be another exciting addition to the MCU. Not only will it flesh out Clint's life in a post-"Endgame" world, but it will introduce audiences to Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop, Clint's protégé (and likely a future Young Avenger).

Clint's backstory may be less fleshed out than that of his fellow Avengers, but the former SHIELD agent has seen some dark moments in the MCU, including the disappearance of his entire family following The Snap, and of course, the tragic death of his dear friend Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson).

The archery master has faced other hard times in the comics, and the "Hawkeye" series will be exploring Clint's resilience in a way we haven't seen before. Notably, the show will dive into Clint's hearing loss, and it turns out it's something that hits home for actor Renner, too.

Jeremey Renner is hard of hearing, too

At a press conference for "Hawkeye," for which Looper was present, Jeremy Renner spoke about Clint Barton's hearing loss in the series. This is a big part of his character's storyline in the comics, though this is the first time Clint will experience it on screen.

Renner himself is hard of hearing and shared how meaningful it was to play a character navigating a similar struggle. "I thought it was just a really wonderful thing, cause it is, it's always been a part of Clint's character in the comics, and we found a way to make it a truthful entry point for his life and how it affects his life," the actor shared. Renner then went on to say portraying an actor with hearing loss was "quite a dynamic, interesting....sometimes an obstacle, sometimes an asset not being able to hear."

Clint's status as the MCU's resident family man has made his character arc particularly heart-wrenching, and his hearing loss will undoubtedly add another layer to the Avenger. We can't wait to see Clint in action in the holiday-themed "Hawkeye" when the first two episodes drop on November 24th.