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The Devastating Death Of General Hospital's Bergen Williams

"General Hospital" alumna Laura Lynn "Bergen Williams" — who played Alice Gunderson on the popular soap opera — has died at the age of 62. Williams' sister announced her death via the former's Twitter account on November 16, revealing that Williams had died of Wilson's disease on July 20.

While Williams has played multiple minor roles across several series, she is best remembered for playing Big Alice Gunderson, the maid to the Quartermaine family (and occasional wrestler) in "General Hospital" between 2002 and 2015 (via IMDb). Known for her lighthearted, comedic performance and her unrequited crush on the character Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary), Gunderson maintained a positive reputation among fans during her tenure on the series.

Wilson's disease is a rare condition in which copper builds up in a person's vital organs, including the brain, liver, and eyes, causing a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. It is unknown how long Willams suffered from the disease. However, it is an inherited condition caused by a genetic mutation, and symptoms most often become present during one's teenage years (via MedlinePlus).

Fans and colleagues react to Williams' death

Needless to say, fans are devastated by Williams' death, and have taken to social media to mourn. "I'm so sorry. I loved her as Alice on #GH She was a standout in all her scenes!" wrote Twitter user @Louisa_May_ in response to the post from Williams' sister.

These sentiments were echoed by Williams' costars on social media, as well. Nancy Lee Grahn, who played the character Alexis Davis alongside Williams' Gunderson, posted a clip on Instagram of the former's character sharing a disguised kiss with Gunderson with the caption "Best kiss evah! RIP dear Bergen."

Similarly, "General Hospital" star Kimberly McCullogh, who played Dr. Scorpio Drake, mourned Williams through her Twitter. "Bergen was an incredible force to be reckoned with and I'm sorry to hear of her passing. Blessings to Bergen's family and close friends."

Williams is not the first "General Hospital" star to die this year. On June 29, it was announced that Stuart Damon — who played Dr. Alan Quartermaine — also died at the age of 84 due to renal failure.