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Fred Savage Tap Dances In Drugged Up Friends From College Teaser

It's time for these people to grow up in the first teaser for Netflix's upcoming comedy series Friends From College. The series, from Forgetting Sarah Marshall duo Nicholas Stoller and Francesca DelBanco, stars Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Savage, Annie Parisse, Nat Faxon, Cobie Smulders, and Jae Suh Park as a group of former friends from Harvard who find themselves at different stages of their lives both professionally and domestically as they all stare down their forties. 

The trailer begins with Key's Ethan getting handed a box of drugs by Faxon's Nick. "Orange is Adderall, blue is Viagra, don't take the white," Nick tells him. Savage's Max briefly tries to play straight man, saying that they can't do drugs in the middle of the week at their age, but he quickly gets in on the fun as well, snorting something which he initially thinks is chopped up Adderall but quickly finds out is actually cocaine.

Things go predictably awry from there, with the foursome tap dancing, throwing pizza at the wall (and the ceiling), and solving complex math problems on a window– in Sharpie. This makes Billy Eichner's Dr. Felix Forzenheim, another resident of the apartment, none to happy, considering he has surgery in the morning, but that doesn't stop the friends. The teaser ends with Max doing another line of cocaine, saying, "That's it, though. That's it." 

The eight-episode comedy series will hit Netflix on July 14. While we wait, see some of the other Netflix shows that will blow you away this year.