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The Things We Want To See In Locke & Key Season 3

"Locke & Key" Season 2 is done, leaving viewers with an unexpected ending and maybe even a few stray tears, but fans of the show are already looking forward to the next batch of episodes. The wait might not be too long, as actor Connor Jessup, who plays Tyler, confirmed on Instagram that Season 3 has already wrapped filming, which means the next adventure could be right around the corner. In the meantime, the last few hours of the series have left fans with a desire to see more and plenty to ponder.

Though the show does not follow the comic books by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez to the letter, the last episode, "Cliffhanger," detaches the series from the original work completely. Now, even for avid fans of the source material, the future is incredibly uncertain and opens the world of Matheson up in a whole new way. Showrunner Meredith Averill already revealed to Collider that Season 3 would focus the Lockes' next adventure on the family, most likely exploring their history. However, the producers have also indicated that they hope to outdo themselves in the next season, which means bigger action sequences, more supernatural craziness, and most likely an even higher body count. With all that in mind, we're ready to speculate on some of the things we'd like to see in "Locke & Key" Season 3.

Ellie's Story

The story of Ellie Whedon is a tragic one. Season 1 sees her betrayed by her feelings of love and pain tied to the past, all so Dodge could fake out the Locke siblings and hide among their friends. It was a great plan and left the heroes even more depressed after realizing what they had done to one of their allies. Her disappearance is even more heart-wrenching as it leaves her adopted son Rufus without a guardian. Ellie's story is a firm lesson in why it doesn't pay to be associated with the Locke family. Thankfully, the events of Season 2 see the door she is trapped behind open again, allowing Ellie to escape her otherworldly prison and return to the Lockes, ultimately having her identity restored while reuniting with Rufus in an emotional moment.

However, fans are still curious how Ellie managed to fight off the demonic spirits behind the door and return through the portal. What was her time in there like, and how has it affected her long term? It seems like there must be more to her story, even though she has already proven to the Lockes that she means no harm and only wants her life back. With Dodge seemingly dealt with, this may be a happy ending for Ellie, but it would be interesting to find out if there's anything more to learn about the trauma she experienced.

More Eden Hawkins

Eden Hawkins isn't a character from the "Locke & Key" comics, but Hallea Jones' portrayal of her was an instant fit for the Netflix adaptation. She's a girl on the verge of redemption at the end of Season 1, but that was before her demonic possession, leading her to become an even worse antagonist. Now, this mean girl is running wild, elated to be out of the limbo dimension of the portal and indulging in every bit of food, flirtation, and violence she can handle –- which is glorious. This attitude brings her some trouble from Gabe, who focuses on his accomplishing his goals with a bit more subtlety, but with him gone, Eden feels like she is in power and hatches a new scheme.

It's hard to say that this was a good idea, however, as Eden's last appearance in Season 2 sees her being unceremoniously thrown down a well. For many, that might seem like a weak death and an unfashionable way to be written off the show, but beyond that, this character is too good to waste. Seeing how she deals with dispatching Javi and her actions in the demented department store inside her mind is reason enough to give the demoness another opportunity. Hopefully, this fresh lesson about not trusting anyone like her will convince Eden to team up with the Locke family to stop the new threat, or at least to formulate better plans going forward.

Sam Lesser, the hero

It's a little too easy to describe the background of almost any character in this series as tragic, but much of Sam Lesser's misfortune is of his own making. Sure, he is a disturbed individual dealing with a mental disorder and an abusive family, but the biggest mistake he makes is listening to and believing Dodge. Sam realizes this too late and, like many others, is used by the demonic echo and then sacrificed, leaving him to wander the grounds of Keyhouse as a ghost. Death can change someone, however, even when they've done horrible things.

Sam displays some heroic acts in the second season, such as when he tries to take over Dodge's body and help Kinsey and Scot find the Angel Key to give the Lockes another weapon. Sadly, the family believes it was Chamberlain that does this, but it doesn't appear that Sam is seeking credit. Instead, it seems more like he is just trying to make up in some small way for his past transgressions. With a little more time and the right circumstances, Sam could help them out again and potentially even sacrifice himself for the family he wronged. Sam isn't ever going to be able to fully redeem himself as he's done too much. However, there is still a chance for him to show some heroism.

More moments with Duncan and Brian

Duncan is an important part of the Locke family and he plays an even bigger role in Season 2 when his memories are restored. Duncan, who is the brother of Rendell Locke, is the one in the circle of keepers who forges new keys, and now Dodge is making him do it again. This plays a big part in the end battle when Duncans crafts a magical item with his own blood, giving the family an unexpected advantage. Duncan seems better now and remains a huge asset in the fight against evil. However, it's his softer side that stands out early in the season.

In the first episode of Season 2, we see the family having dinner with Duncan and his fiancé, Brian. It's a touching moment as the couple has a funny exchange involving some Japanese. Unfortunately, this leads to Brian explaining that his law firm is sending him to work in Japan for six months, effectively writing the character out of the remaining episodes. We need more of these two together for further opportunities to see Duncan happy. There's a ton of potential for more endearing moments and character development between the two. That said, the events of the comics are not so kind to Brian, so it might be for the best that he's away. However, even if something horrible befalls him, it would be worth seeing him again for more instances like the dinner scene.

Evil Scot

Most fans of the show love Scot Cavendish. Whether those around him are drawn to his charm, good looks, or just the accent, this young filmmaker has plenty going for him, but he falls for a dangerous girl who he can't stop calling Rocky Road. Caught in a love triangle and then a battle against dark forces, no one can say that he hasn't fought hard for the affections of Kinsey, even as Gabe manipulates her further. No one wants to see him run off to film school in another country, especially now that the two are together, but there is a small possible change for Scot that is begging to happen.

We've seen the nice side of the character, which will make it all the sweeter when he's possessed and begins working against the others. This occurs in the comics, although there, his name is Scot Kavanaugh, and he's already a little different. In the source material, he sacrifices himself to try and save Jackie and is then possessed, only to be killed by the Alpha Key later. At least his friends have the decency to sing "Anarchy in the U.K." at his funeral. Scot also possesses the Hercules Key in the comics, which gives him extra muscles and makes him an imposing figure. Sure, Scot's evil turn might be expected, but it would be great to see what actor Petrice Jones could do with a demonic side and how the showrunners would handle his twisted fate.

For the good of Nina Locke

Nina Locke is an unfortunate outsider, brought into this demonic mess through marriage and the birth of her children. As she's an adult and can't remember the numerous instances of magic she's seen, Nina isn't necessarily able to help fight but still shows a tremendous amount of strength. However, the death of her husband, the violent acts of the two men who break into their home, and her history of alcoholism all take a toll on Nina. Now, the matriarch of the family is still dealing with her addiction, thinks her kids are upset with her, and is having terrible luck with the new men in her life.

It's worse in the comics for Nina, who uses a cane and is forced to drink again by Dodge, which makes Kinsey hate her. However, the Netflix series has given her some hope through the Memory Key. This new possession will allow her to remember the magic she sees and participate in all the crazy shenanigans with the kids. However, how will she react to knowing what her offspring have been up to and learning about all the things Rendell kept from her? Hopefully, this is the first step in something good happening for Nina Locke since so much tragedy has befallen her already. It's time to reward her determination and detective skills with something positive. Nina can fight back when she needs to, and with Tyler's future uncertain, it's time for her to take charge.

Bring back Jackie Veda

Tyler and Jackie's initial meeting is rough, but it makes for a better relationship. In Season 2, viewers see the slow descent of Tyler's girlfriend as she forgets magic and develops gaps in her memory, leading to some emotional scenes before the harrowing ending. Genevieve Kang puts a lot of effort into those moments and makes the character feel incredibly sympathetic. For those who don't know what the Alpha Key will do, it truly seems like Jackie Veda is about to be saved, brought back to the side of good, and reunited with her love. Instead, it is another heartbreak for Tyler Locke.

Interestingly, the two aren't even an item in the comics. Tyler dates a girl named Jordan and Jackie is with Scot, but she still meets a similar fate. Her death hits Tyler heavily at the end of Season 3 and now he doesn't want to remember her at all, but that's probably because he hasn't realized how to bring people back yet. In the source material, certain circumstances allow him to bring someone back from the dead, and it would make sense for him to try this on Jackie. With the creation of new keys and the different paths the show is taking, anything is possible. If the writers can make it happen organically, resurrecting Jackie, for better or worse, could play a key role in getting Tyler back into the fray and giving their relationship a sense of closure.

Possessed Bode

He's been through a lot for someone so young, but Bode may also be the most hopeful and important person in the Locke family. Not only does he make several important discoveries, but the young boy finds the most keys as well. On the other hand, he is also the one who lets Dodge out of the Wellhouse, so there is a definite sense of responsibility there. In many ways, Bode represents some of the best qualities of the Locke family and plays a pivotal role in their success. This makes it even more upsetting when he is possessed and his body is used for evil purposes in the comics.

In the books, Bode is forcibly turned into a ghost, allowing Dodge to possess his empty body. The demonic echo uses the presumably innocent young Locke to commit some truly heinous acts, which set the final parts of the diabolical plan in motion. These actions include killing another small child who realizes that something is going on and getting Rufus sent away. It's a move that makes for good story material and leads to the comics' compelling ending, so why not incorporate it into the show? There is no need to copy the plot exactly, but when fans see Bode handled like that it is a sign that no one is safe and shows just how vile Dodge could truly be. The showrunners could add something like that for the character, putting their spin on the trauma Bode experiences.

More new keys

New keys are always something that fans want to see, and thankfully it's pretty much a given that they'll get them in every new season of "Locke & Key." The arrival of new keys has also been confirmed by actress Darby Stanchfield, who shared some pictures of them on her Instagram. Beyond that, now that the family knows that they can make keys, things are wide open for the creation of more toys. 

Several keys appear in the show that aren't part of the comics, while some have similar names but are depicted differently. Also, not every magical item in the source material has shown up in the live-action series yet, so there are still a few things the show can pull from. Keys will be introduced based on whatever the plot needs and what looks cool on screen, meaning there is always room for one or two mystical McGuffins. It would be great to see more keys that physically alter the kids or transform them, like the Animal Key, or something that does odd things to the house. For that last one, something like the Grindhouse Key (also called the Bitey Key), which turns any door into an all-consuming mouth, which is useful for disposing of bodies, would be a good place to start. Overall, Season 3 should have plenty of chances to bring in some new, flashy, and fun additions to the Locke family key collection.

A darker ending

Heading into Season 3, one of the most important questions fans have is just how much longer the show will go on. It isn't likely that this will be the final set of episodes, but the showrunners did surprise us at the conclusion of Season 2, so anything is possible. Thinking about a potential ending for the series with the knowledge that the showrunners have said they want to outdo themselves brings out the potential for a truly dark and disturbing ending.

The comics get pretty intense towards the end as most of the secondary characters are killed off. However, even the books pull a few punches when it comes to the Locke family. With Dodge seemingly out of the picture early, the replacement villain will need to do something big to cement its place as a greater threat. This could mean that it's time to kill one of the kids off for good. The showrunners told The Hollywood Reporter that they decided the show would be different from the comics early in production. However, they'll need to come up with something incredibly epic and twisted if they hope to land an even better conclusion than the source material. In no universe will the Locke family ever have it easy, but the question now becomes — how many more dark and traumatic events can they be put through for our amusement?