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This New Trailer For Ozark Season 4 Really Ramps Up The Intensity

For fans of Netflix's pitch-black crime drama "Ozark," it's been a long, anxious wait to find out what will become of Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) Byrde in the wake of that shocking Season 3 finale. Thankfully, the wait is almost over for those fans to find out what fates await not only the Byrdes, but also the Langmores, the Kansas City Mobsters, the Navarro cartel crew, and all those frustrated FBI types as the first run of episodes from the series' two-part final season are set to drop in January of 2022.

That premiere is approaching faster than you think. And Netflix has just sent up a flare in the guise of an ominous Season 4 teaser signaling to one and all that if you're looking to play catch up on the first three seasons of "Ozark," or are just looking for a full series refresh ahead of the new season, now's the time to get your binge on. 

A wild, dangerous ride awaits Ozark fans in the final season

We'll go ahead and emphasize the word "teaser" here, because the new promo offers almost no new footage from the upcoming season of "Ozark." Rather, the new teaser presses the rewind button on some of the major moments from the series' first three seasons, working its way back from the blood-spattered Byrdes in the Season 3 finale all the way to the fateful moment when Marty set the family on the path to likely destruction. It does so under a menacing voice-over from Marty himself, detailing how every decision we make, or action we take creates a "snowball effect" for the people around us. Marty's soliloquy ends with his positing that in the end you just have to either "act accordingly," or "crawl in a hole and die."

As if those words weren't foreboding enough, they're accompanied by title cards that read "No End Is Reached By Accident." For those in dire need of fresh footage from the final season of "Ozark," the teaser also presses rewind on a coming car crash that, you guessed it, initially finds the Byrde family minivan laying wheels up on the side of the highway in a heap of twisted metal. Will that wreck spell the end of one or more of the Byrde clan? Or is it just a wicked tease designed to wet the appetites of "Ozark" fandom? We'll find out soon enough with Season 4 episodes of "Ozark" hitting Netflix on January 21, 2022.