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Netflix's Red Notice And The Curse Of Oak Island Share This Surprising Connection

At first glance, Netflix's "Red Notice" and the History channel series "The Curse of Oak Island" wouldn't seem to have anything in common. "Red Notice" is the new action-comedy-thriller that stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as an FBI profiler who's tasked with tracking down three jewel-encrusted eggs that once belonged to Cleopatra. To do it, he's forced to team up with a notorious international art thief, Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), as well as Booth's main competition, Sarah "The Bishop" Black (Gal Gadot).

"The Curse of Oak Island," on the other hand, is a reality series that's run for eight seasons and chronicled the ongoing efforts of a group of treasure hunters who are trying to recover a legendary cache of gold that's supposedly buried on Oak Island, a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

True, these two titles are loosely similar in that they both involve treasure. But they also have another connection that you might not have noticed. 

Red Notice and The Curse of Oak Island have the same narrator

That's right, both "Red Notice" and "The Curse of Oak Island" share a narrator, Robert Clotworthy (via IMDb).

"Red Notice" kicks off with some exposition in the form of a TV documentary about Cleopatra's three eggs and their backstory. The eggs are fictional and created for the movie's plot, so they're your classic MacGuffin (via The Wrap). Within the context of "Red Notice," though, they're a legendary artifact, and they're the exact sort of thing that would be the subject of a TV show that Robert Clotworthy narrates, like the fabled treasure of Oak Island. 

Clotworthy is a longtime narrator and voiceover actor who's been working steadily since 1973. While he does occasionally make onscreen appearances, he specializes in providing narration for movies and TV shows. In addition to "The Curse of Oak Island," you might have heard his narration on another History series, "Ancient Aliens." He's also narrated "The Curse of Civil War Gold," "Blood and Glory: The Civil War in Color," and "Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull."

Clotworthy is one of Hollywood's go-to narrators, so it makes sense that "Red Notice" director Rawson Marshall Thurber thought of him for the role.