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Paramount+ Halo Series: Master Chief Bares His Scars In First Teaser

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of both the Xbox line of video game consoles and its massively popular first-person shooter series, "Halo," Microsoft has just revealed a first-look teaser for the long-awaited TV series based on the games. Set to debut on Paramount+ in 2022, the series will focus on the exploits of Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, a genetically-enhanced super soldier who serves as humanity's last hope against a religious order of aliens called the Covenant.

The "Halo" TV series has been in the works for some time now. Since the original 2013 announcement, fans have only received occasional updates confirming the series' existence. It wasn't even until 2021 that the series received an official release window. When that fated date comes to pass, it won't even be the first time that "Halo" has landed on the small screen, though it will likely be the most significant. The franchise has received a variety of live-action and animated adaptations (via Beyond Video Gaming). 

This most recent teaser arrives just ahead of the upcoming release of the game series' seventh mainline entry, "Halo: Infinite," which will debut on December 8.

Master Chief suits up

Paramount+ and Microsoft revealed the new teaser on November 15, during its 20th Xbox Anniversary Livestream. The teaser doesn't reveal much, simply showing shots of Master Chief donning his trademark Mjolnir Armor. This suit-up sequence is accompanied by the voice of the Chief's A.I. companion, Cortana saying, "Hello, Master Chief." While this teaser gives us very little in the way of plot-relevant content, it can still be used to speculate about the series' focus.

Without a doubt, Master Chief and Cortana have been on their fair share of adventures. The two had been acquainted and assigned together long before the events of the first "Halo" game. In fact, it wasn't until "Halo 5: Guardians" in 2015 that their partnership fractured. This could put the "Halo" TV series practically anywhere on the franchise's timeline. 

As indicated by Cortana's presence, however, the series will likely either adapt the events of the games, or take place before the first game, "Halo: Combat Evolved." If the former is true, then the series will likely focus solely on the war between Humanity and the Covenant. If the latter is true, then the series will devote more time to Chief and Cortana's discovery of the rings, as well as the religious and strategic significance they hold within the Covenant's plans.