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More Happy Than Not - What We Know So Far

"More Happy Than Not" is a forthcoming series from HBO Max (via Deadline), which is based on the book of the same name by Adam Silvera. Most famously known for "They Both Die at the End" and the "Infinity" series, Silvera is a name you will hear a lot more of in the future. Three of his novels are being adapted into movies or television shows — "They Both Die at the End" was also picked up by HBO Max and originally had J.J. Abrams attached, but Silvera himself has taken over the creator, producer, and writer roles for the series. A movie based on Silvera's "What If It's Us" is also in production, with screenwriter Brian Yorkey lending his talents.

Silvera's "More Happy Than Not" was praised by The New York Times, and many fans are hoping this adaptation of the young adult book doesn't flop. Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming series from HBO Max.

When is the release date of "More Happy Than Not?"

The release date for "More Happy Than Not" has not yet been set in stone, but the series was picked up for adaptation in early 2020 (via Deadline). Generally, shows usually take around one year for concept and writing and then another year to film. There could be some additional time added for post-production, but the series itself isn't exactly heavy on special effects or massive set pieces, so there shouldn't be a lot of lost time there. Judging by those metrics, we could hopefully see "More Happy Than Not" sometime in 2022 or 2023 at the latest.

Another thing to consider is that Adam Silvera has a lot more than just a live-action "More Happy Than Not" in the works, as previously mentioned. Having two other projects to work on may delay the arrival of the HBO Max show, mainly because we have no idea what priority the other adaptations take and where "More Happy Than Not" may be in all of that.

Who is in the cast of "More Happy Than Not?"

The cast of "More Happy Than Not" has yet to be announced, but we do know what characters we can expect from the book. Aaron Soto is the main protagonist of the series, and he lives in a project in New York City. The other main characters in "More Happy Than Not" are Genevieve, his girlfriend, and Thomas, a neighbor from another local project (via AdamSilvera.com).

The supporting cast may include Aaron's brother and mother, who all share a single-room apartment. There could also be potential for several flashbacks due to the source material of "More Happy Than Not," with appearances from Aaron's father and former romantic interests. Of course, it being in New York City also provides plenty of opportunities for varied neighbors and doctors and technicians at a mysterious local medical facility that specializes in memory manipulation.

What is the plot of "More Happy Than Not?"

The plot of "More Happy Than Not" focuses on Aaron Soto and his interpersonal relationships. Set to the backdrop of the Big Apple, Aaron is happy with his girlfriend Genevieve until she leaves for an art retreat, and he begins to spend time with Thomas. Eventually, Aaron realizes he has feelings for Thomas but is he rebuffed. Emotionally hurt, Aaron decides to visit the Leteo Institute, where people have painful memories removed (via AdamSilvera.com).

It is revealed that Aaron has already gone through the procedure before, and an assault causes the memories and trauma to come flooding back. Several other side-effects occur, and the series will address how Aaron responds to this tumultuous existence and the painstaking lengths he goes through to feel happiness and fulfillment. Will he eventually achieve said objectives? We will only know once "More Happy Than Not" is finally released on HBO Max.