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The Golden Cage - What We Know So Far

As movies like "The Wolf of Wall Street," "Wall Street," and "The Big Short" have proved, the ruthless, high-stakes environment of Wall Street trading provides an ample backdrop for drama and a look at the darker side of humanity. Now, it appears that a brand new Hulu drama called "The Gilded Cage" intends to bring this world of greed and ambition to the small screen, according to Deadline. Director Susanna White of "Andor" and "Bleak House" fame is reportedly involved in the project, and while the show's still in comparatively early stages, it may very well end up on your screen sooner rather than later. 

A prestige show about the various stresses and drama that go with working on Wall Street certainly sounds intriguing enough to tentatively mark in your must-watch calendar. For this, of course, you must know more about the show. Let's take a look at what we know so far about the release date, cast and plot of "The Golden Cage."

When is the release date of The Golden Cage?

As of now, there's no concrete release date for "The Golden Cage," seeing as the project was only recently announced (per Deadline), and its status is still "in development." As such, there are still a few hurdles to jump before a full season of the show makes it to your screen.

In the interest of determining a potential release date, let's assume that "The Golden Gate" gets successfully picked up in, say, the spring of 2022. From that point on, we can follow the production cycle of the closest named comparison point for the show, USA Network's "Suits." According to Deadline, that show — which used to be called "A Legal Mind" — was picked up in January 2011, and the first season premiered in June 23 of the same year. Assuming that "The Golden Cage" will follow a similar production schedule, you can probably expect the first episode to drop sometime in late 2022, at the earliest. 

Who's in the cast of The Golden Cage?

On the acting front, there's only one name in the cast of "The Golden Cage" at the moment — but said name is more than enough to convince you that the show doesn't plan to mess around. Leading the cast of the Wall Street show is none other than Kiernan Shipka, who has ample experience of both mysterious characters and corporate shenanigans. Shipka's most famous roles, after all, are Sally Draper in AMC's legendary, advertising-themed period piece "Mad Men," and Sabrina Spellman in Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." 

The award-winning actress' involvement speaks volumes of the show's viability. Apart from Shipka, however, no other members of the cast of "The Golden Cage" have been named — though if the actress is any indication, the cast of the show may very well turn out to be quite excellent. Count on Looper to fill you in on any new developments on this front. 

What is the plot of The Golden Cage?

Seeing as "The Golden Cage" is still at the early stages of production, and it doesn't appear to be based on any exciting work, there are but a few leads about the show's true nature. According to Deadline, the show will definitely be a drama, and the closest two reference points to its style are the 1987 movie "Wall Street," as well as the aforementioned "Suits." Kiernan Shipka's character will reportedly be an up-and-coming wannabe member of the Wall Street elite, but in order to succeed in her mission to ... well, succeed, she has to make sure that no one'll find out about her past. 

It remains to be seen what secret Shipka's central character is hiding, but judging by the fact that keeping it from getting out is instrumental to her success in the hectic environment of Wall Street, it sounds like it'll be a pretty big one.