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We Finally Know Which New Marvel Shows Are Coming To Disney+

It's an incredible time to be a Marvel fan right now. Disney+ just announced a whole slate of new shows for the streaming service, and characters new and old will get the spotlight in an array of live-action and animated projects. The first handful of Marvel Studios TV shows impressed audiences the world over and proved that the biggest characters can deliver huge adventures no matter the size of the screen. "WandaVision" looks at Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and how her trauma has shaped her so far, and "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" delivers a fast-paced spy thriller for Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). Meanwhile, Tom Hiddleston dives into the multiverse with Sophia Di Martino in "Loki."

But there's much more on the way. Disney+ and Marvel Studios just gave fans their first look at what's ahead for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, revealing some fascinating new animated projects.

An X-Men revival, Marvel Zombies, and more

While most fans are (understandably) freaking out over the first snippets of footage of Oscar Isaac in "Moon Knight," Iman Vellani in "Ms. Marvel," and Tatiana Maslany in "She-Hulk," the other new Marvel shows coming to Disney+ are even more exciting. To start with, the Disney+ Twitter account used an incredible Wolverine meme to announce the "X-Men" animated series revival, currently titled "X-Men '97." The series will arrive in 2023, and the original writers/directors of the classic series are consulting on the revival.

From there, the streaming service confirmed the intriguing title for Kathryn Hahn's "WandaVision" spinoff, "Agatha: House of Harkness." It then briefly announced "Echo," which will follow Alaqua Cox's character after her debut in the "Hawkeye" series, before revealing the animated "Marvel Zombies" series. The latter uses the logo from the original comics, so it could tie closer to the source material than when the zombies appeared in "What If...?" Season 1. And more good news! The streaming service also confirmed "What If...?" Season 2 is in the works.

Another surprise announcement is "Spider-Man: Freshman Year," which is a Marvel Studios production. This suggests that it'll either take place in the MCU or at least take inspiration from it. Disney+ also revealed a number of new logos for previously confirmed shows like "I Am Groot," "Ironheart," and "Secret Invasion." There's a lot of good stuff on the way.