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Griselda - What We Know So Far

If Netflix's "Narcos" and "Narcos: Mexico" give you a taste for cartel cinema, then you should keep an eye out for what the streaming giant has in store next. After focusing on a variety of famous real-world cartel bosses through the two shows, Netflix has decided to explore the story of one more who didn't quite make the cut for "Narcos." However, the company is giving this crime legend, cartel queen Griselda Blanco, a slightly different treatment. While she isn't being added to the "Narcos" lineup, Netflix is creating an entire six-episode series based on her life (The Wrap).

So far, Netflix has not revealed much about the upcoming miniseries. We only know the bare minimum regarding its release date, cast, and plot. Nevertheless, the core premise of the series — as well as the enigmatic figure who inspired it — makes it incredibly interesting. With that in mind, here is what we know so far about Netflix's "Griselda."

What is the release date for Griselda?

At the moment, Netflix has not given a specific release date for "Griselda." On top of that, the company has also refrained from sharing any specific information about the upcoming show's production. In other words, it's currently impossible to say for certain when the series will see the light of day. In a perfect world, Netflix subscribers will be able to stream "Griselda" before 2022 comes to a close. Unfortunately, without any more information, there is no way of guaranteeing this.

However, production on the series should run quickly when compared to some other TV shows. "Griselda" is only slated for six episodes, meaning there is a lot less ground to cover than your average 24-episode series, even if "Griselda" episodes reportedly run around 50 minutes long, according to Netflix's official press release. Nevertheless, nothing is guaranteed in show business, and production can often take much longer than one might expect, especially if there is a high production value as is common with Netflix shows. In the end, it's up to potential "Griselda" fans to keep their eyes and ears open for new information coming soon.

Who is in the cast of Griselda?

Along with recently announcing "Griselda" itself, Netflix has shared who is slated to portray the notorious Colombian cartel leader. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has chosen Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, known for her role in the sitcom "Modern Family," to play Griselda Blanco, a.k.a. "The Black Widow." Vergara, along with Eric Newman, Luis Balaguer, Doug Miro, Andrés Baiz, and Carlo Bernard, are all slated to executive produce the series.

Aside from Vergara, Netflix has revealed no other casting decisions for the series. Fans of "Narcos," however, will be familiar with many of the characters who might appear in "Griselda." Though the real Griselda never appears in "Narcos" (which shares much of the same creative team as this series), she is closely tied to many of the show's prominent figures through the Medellín Cartel. While men like Pablo Escobar have a chance at appearing in "Griselda," it is currently unknown who might portray them.

What is the plot of Griselda?

Written by Ingrid Escajeda (the pilot was co-written with Miro), who is serving as showrunner and yet another executive producer, "Griselda" dramatizes the real-life story of the infamous cartel queen, Griselda Blanco. Known for her cunning and brutality, Blanco — who went by many names including "La Madrina" and "The Cocaine Godmother" — established one of the most lucrative drug businesses in cartel history during the 1980s. Baiz is slated to direct the series.

It's unknown how true to life "Griselda" aims to be when compared to the real-world Blanco. However, the series poses a chance for Netflix to outdo Hollywood's previous attempt at dramatizing her story in the film "Cocaine Godmother." The film garnered some criticism for casting white actress Catherine Zeta-Jones as Blanco and portraying the world of Columbian drug crime in a superficial light (via IndieWire). Assuming the new series includes the strong style of characterization that the "Narcos" series is known for, Netflix's upcoming series "Griselda" could do much more in terms of a faithful portrayal of one of the most iconic figures in organized crime history.