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The Major Props Saw's Producers Took From The Set

James Wan and Leigh Whannell's debut film will always be remembered for its cultural significance. In 2004, the friends and co-writers of "Saw" created the classic horror thriller that went on to become a franchise (per The A.V. Club). The world of "Saw" revolves around John Kramer, otherwise known as Jigsaw, who creates traps specifically designed for certain people. In their escape, the victims often reach enlightenment and become better people — that is, if they're able to survive. Jigsaw's twisted games continued for seven official films, as well as follow-up films like "Jigsaw" and "Spiral." While certain "Saw" installments did better than others, there is no denying that the imagery of the films remains iconic.

Eventually, Wan went on to direct "The Conjuring" series while Whannell put his own twist on "The Invisible Man." The production company behind the "Saw" franchise, Twisted Pictures, also remains active in the entertainment world. It seems that the studio's founders and producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules couldn't resist temptation, and took home some of the most recognizable props from the set of "Saw."

Oren Koules held onto a recurring Saw trap

Once you think it's out of commission, the reverse bear trap comes back in full force. The trap made its first appearance in the original "Saw" and was used to introduce the character of Amanda (Shawnee Smith.) Amanda became an acolyte of Kramer's after escaping the infamous trap that does exactly what you would imagine. The trap was on a timer, and Amanda had to find the key before it went off and literally ripped her face apart. Viewers would see the trap come back twice more in the later films, including when Jill Tuck attempted to get rid of Jigsaw's copycat, the "Saw" villain Detective Hoffman. 

In a Reddit AMA, "Saw" producer Oren Koules revealed that he kept the original reverse bear trap, which weighs about 15 pounds. He added that since he kept the original, when the trap was brought back for the later films, they had to recreate it out of aluminum. One can only wonder where the producer is putting the method of torture on display.

Mark Berg opted to keep an even creepier prop

Mark Berg brought home a different terrifying device. In the same Reddit thread, the producer revealed he is in possession of the off-putting face of Jigsaw, the Billy Puppet. Billy remains at the top tier of John Kramer's frightening methods to obscure his identity, and is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the entire "Saw" franchise. The only other icon that comes close is the realistic-looking pig mask Kramer used while abducting his victims. Billy first appeared as a face that spoke to abductees Dr. Gordon and Adam, but he was later upgraded to a full-sized puppet in later films, and was even seen riding around on a bicycle by himself. 

In Kramer's flashbacks, Billy is given a sad origin story. Originally, Billy was a puppet meant to be gifted to Kramer's son Gideon, who tragically died in utero. This may not seem like the most thoughtful gift to give a child, as even in its early stages, Billy looked horrifying. But Mark Berg certainly couldn't give up the opportunity to keep one of the most eery and disconcerting props the movie has to offer.