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The Actress Behind Jenny From My Life As A Teenage Robot Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Amidst the many beloved yet oft-forgotten early 2000s kids' shows is "My Life as a Teenage Robot." The animated Nickelodeon show follows Jenny Wakeman, a teenage girl dealing with the typical high school anxieties: dodging mean girls, navigating crushes, and protecting the world.

For the uninitiated, Jenny (aka XJ-9) is a robot that was built by her scientist mother. Though she's fitted with various weapons, can fly, and has the weight of the world on her shoulders, what Jenny wants more than anything is to be like a regular teenage girl.

"My Life as a Teenage Robot" chronicles Jenny's journey growing up as a superhuman robot while also aspiring toward the banalities of being human. The series aired for two seasons between 2003 and 2005, and a third season aired in 2008 before the series was canceled due to low ratings, according to the show's blog. "My Life as a Teenage Robot" also won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2004 for its animation (via IMDb).

The coming-of-age hidden gem remains nostalgic, though most fans probably don't know who was behind the precocious teenage robot: voice actress Janice Kawaye.

Janice Kawaye is a prolific voice actress

Not only is the person behind Jenny Wakeman gorgeous in real life, but she's also a prolific voice actress. Janice Kawaye, who also voiced several other, minor characters in "My Life as a Teenage Robot," has more than 100 acting credits to her name (via IMDb).

Her impressive resume includes voicing both Numbuh 84/Sonia and Numbuh 84/Lee in the animated adventure series "Codename: Kids Next Door," pop star Ami Onuki in "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi," and Gi in the eco-superhero series "Captain Planet and the Planeteers."

Kawaye, who is sometimes credited as Janice Roman Roku, has also voiced characters in popular franchises like Bratz, Scooby-Doo, and Blue's Clues. In addition to these roles, she has dozens of credits in animes like "Bleach," "Hunter x Hunter," and "Edens Zero."

Despite how widespread her work is, Kawaye keeps a low profile and doesn't appear to do interviews or use social media. Fortunately, her work speaks for itself, and fans continue to praise her on sites like Twitter.