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Ms. Marvel Coming To Disney+ Later Than Expected

Last December, Disney announced a slew of new projects slated to appear on Disney+ (via Deadline). Of course, some of the most hotly anticipated of these productions live within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For his part of the Disney presentation, Kevin Feige announced 11 new Marvel series that would premiere exclusively on Disney+. 

Since that time, Disney+ has released four of these projects ("WandaVision," "The Falcon and the Winter Solder," "Loki", and "What If...?"), with a fifth ("Hawkeye") set to premiere on November 24. Another upcoming Marvel project that MCU fans are excited about is "Ms. Marvel," a series set to focus on Marvel's first Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani). 

Back in July, Marvel Studios' then-Executive Vice President of Film Production, Victoria Alonso, told reporters at Variety that the company expected to release "Ms. Marvel" on Disney+ before the end of 2021. However, with the number of weeks in the year waning, the likelihood of Marvel meeting that deadline has continually become more questionable.

News today from a Disney investor's call has finally confirmed that the wait to see Kamala Khan's on-screen debut will be a bit further out than previously expected.

Ms. Marvel is not expected until next summer

According to a tweet from ComicBook.com writer Jenna Anderson, a Disney investor's call has confirmed that fans' fears are true. The premiere of the first season of "Ms. Marvel" has apparently been delayed until Q4 of 2022, meaning we should not expect to see the series arrive on Disney+ until sometime between July and September of next year.

Iman Vellani is also set to appear in the upcoming "Captain Marvel" sequel, "The Marvels," a film she will star in, alongside actresses Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris. That film, which is being directed by Nia DaCosta, was previously scheduled for release on November 11, 2022, but was recently rescheduled to February 17, 2023 (via IMDb).

"Ms. Marvel" is just the latest project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to suffer a delay. Marvel recently shifted the release dates of a number of upcoming films, including "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," "Thor: Love and Thunder," and "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever."