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Why Dave From Pretty Smart Looks So Familiar

Netflix's "Pretty Smart" made its debut on the streaming platform in October. The new comedic sitcom centers on Emily Osment's aspiring novelist Chelsea, a recent Harvard graduate whose boyfriend unexpectedly breaks up with her. The shocking split prompts her to move in with her sister, Claire (Olivia Macklin), and Claire's roommates: personal trainer Grant (Gregg Sulkin), social media celebrity Jayden (Michael Hsu Rosen), and holistic healer Solana (Cinthya Carmona). In classic fish-out-of-water sitcom fashion, Chelsea's bookish leanings clash with her sister's free-spirited lifestyle. Eventually, she forms a bond with this eclectic bunch and even discovers that, in their own unusual ways, they can be, well, pretty smart.

Any former Disney Channel viewer who checks out "Pretty Smart" will recognize Osment from her role on "Hannah Montana." While the rest of the ensemble cast also has some notable credits, there is one actor who may be a familiar face you struggle to place. That person is Kevin Miles, who appears in three episodes of "Pretty Smart." He plays Dave, a charming potential boyfriend who Claire meets at a pottery class in Episode 6 (via IMDb). If Miles looks especially familiar, we're here to tell you why.

Kevin Miles is best known as Jake from State Farm

If Dave on "Pretty Smart" strikes viewers as familiar, it's most likely because that actor who plays him, Kevin Miles, also portrays Jake from State Farm, one of the true breakout commercial stars in recent years. Like the AT&T commercial actor Milana Vayntrub, Jake from State Farm became a familiar face when he landed on television screens everywhere, beginning in 2020 (via Yahoo News/Chicago Tribune).

Interestingly, Miles is not the first person to portray the "Jake from State Farm" character. But he is, in a manner of speaking, the first actor to play the role since the original Jake (who debuted in a very popular commercial back in 2011) was an actual State Farm employee (via The Things). But, as the character gained traction, it was decided a real actor needed to step in, and thus, Miles' time as a commercial star began. Now, Jake is a bonafide hit character, with Halloween costumes, a Super Bowl spot featuring Drake (via USA Today), and a thriving social media presence helping audiences get to know the character.

It can be hard for an actor to overcome the peculiar brand of fame that comes with playing a familiar TV commercial character, but while speaking with the Chicago Tribune, Miles expressed his enthusiasm for the role. He remarked, "I want to keep it rolling and really see how far we can take it," so don't expect him to drop the red shirt and khakis any time soon.

Kevin Miles did an episode of S.W.A.T.

While Jake from State Farm is definitely Kevin Miles' most widely seen role, it's far from the only credit he has to his name. Back in 2018, he appeared on the CBS cop series "S.W.A.T." in the Season 1 episode "Seizure" (via IMDb). The episode centers on a tense hostage situation at a maximum-security prison and weaves in a plotline about one of the main characters suffering a seizure.

Miles plays a character named Quincy, an inmate at the prison who interacts with members of the titular S.W.A.T. team. The part is not a large one, but if you're already familiar with Miles from his popular State Farm ads, it makes sense that you'd take notice of him in small parts like this one. So, if you're a fan of this remake of the '70s cop show classic, it's just possible that you remembered Quincy's face when you saw Dave on "Pretty Smart."

He also appeared on Criminal Minds

Kevin Miles' IMDb profile also reveals he did an episode of another CBS police procedural. This time, it was the hugely popular series "Criminal Minds," which ended its 15-year run in 2020. Miles made his "Criminal Minds" debut in the show's final season, in an episode titled "Rusty." The episode follows the BAU team to Denver, where several young men are gruesomely murdered, and the killings are captured on video. We learn that the killer appears to be targeting either fathers or father figures.

Miles plays one of those father figures, a character named Dan Montgomery, in what is another small but memorable role. If you were watching the last season of "Criminal Minds" in 2020, it's possible you recognize him from there. Miles is seen during a sequence outdoors and on a soccer field in a park, so keep an eye out for him if you don't remember his appearance in the episode.