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The Forgetting Sarah Marshall Scene You Shouldn't Watch With Your Partner

Judd Apatow movies have a certain feel as soon as you start watching them, including outrageous and raunchy humor that veers into the inappropriate. But that is the Apatow brand, and the audience usually knows what they're in for when they buy tickets to his films. It is also impossible not to notice the actors have followed him from his first project, "Freaks and Geeks" — James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel have all appeared in more than one Apatow project. 

While "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was not directed by Apatow, he did produce the film, and much of his trademark humor is imbued throughout. It also features a favorite collaborator of his: Segel. Segel stars as Peter Bretter, a composer recovering from a traumatic breakup from the titular character, Sarah Marshall. There are many scenes that feel true to life in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," and it is a great film to watch when getting over a breakup. But it may not be the best movie to watch if you're in a stable relationship.

Jason Segel had a surprise for us

Audiences will always remember the vicious way Sarah Marshall ended things with Peter. Played by Kristen Bell, Sarah is an actress on a failing crime show that Peter also works on. One day, after learning that Sarah is on her way over to his house, Peter gets ready for what he thinks will be a romantic afternoon. Sarah arrives as Peter gets out of the shower, only in a towel. "I got a surprise for you," Peter says proudly as he puts himself on display. Sarah could not look more uncomfortable if she tried. She immediately makes it clear that the relationship is over, and Peter breaks down — but refuses to put on clothes. "If I put on clothes, it's over."

Sarah tries to power through the breakup as Peter sobs, making the scene equal parts hilarious and brutal. The scene is relatable because Sarah desperately wants this to be over while Peter suffers. It also feels real because it was inspired by true events.

Real life inspiration

Not only was Jason Segel the star of the film, but he also wrote it. Segel has revealed that "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was therapeutic for him. At the time, he had just gone through a breakup and was doing his best to recover. It is not a secret that Segel obtained real life experience for the scene in question, as reported by ABC News. Segel has confessed that the naked break-up scene is autobiographical.

The real-life events were almost identical to the movie. Segel stated that he was waiting for his girlfriend at the time to get home from the airport and was waiting for her, naked. Almost exactly like Sarah Marshall said in the film, his girlfriend said that they needed to talk — but unlike his on-screen character, Segel opted to get dressed for the rest of the tough conversation. As soon as it happened, Segel knew that he had to write about it. However devastating this inspiration was, it created a scene in film that is not likely to be forgotten anytime soon.