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CSI: Vegas's Jorja Fox Opens Up About That Shocking Episode 5 Twist Ending

The newest series in the venerable "CSI" franchise is only five episodes old, but it's already off to a rip-roaring start. "CSI: Vegas" began with a bang, reuniting fans of old-school "CSI: Las Vegas" headliners William Petersen as hard-edged sleuth Gil Grissom, and Jorja Fox as the brilliant scientist (and now Mrs. Grissom) Sara Sidle. "Vegas" also includes supporting players Paul Guilfoyle as the sardonic Captain Jim Brass, and Wallace Langham as the acerbic CSI tech David Hodges. 

But there was no time to celebrate their triumphant return, as the show immediately got to business, with an attack on Brass and an accusation against Hodges — now plying his trade as a high-profile expert witness in high profile crime cases —that he's been tampering with evidence in order to resolve cases. That one-two punch proved irresistible when it came to luring Sara, and then Grissom, back into the action, and once they determined Hodges was being framed, their investigation deepened to a search for the puppet master behind the scheme. 

The plot seemed to come to a head in Episode 5, titled "Let the Chips Fall" (via IMDb), as Grissom and Sara zeroed in on Hodges' rival expert witness and former medical examiner Martin Kline (Izzy Diaz). But, just when the good guys had Kline in their sights, "Vegas" threw fans for a loop by first revealing that he was working with (or for) another, as-yet-unrevealed aggressor, and then dramatically killing the character with a live grenade. 

Now, Fox is sharing her real feelings about the shocking twist that brought Sara's investigation back to square one.

Jorja Fox says the confrontation with Kline left Sara 'shaking in her shoes'

Speaking to TV Insider, "CSI: Vegas" star Jorja Fox said that the sudden death of their main suspect left Sara and Grissom "beyond frustrated." She continued, "It's almost the end of the line, like they maybe have lost." 

The actress added that the tension ramped up when Sara was surprised in the crime lab by Kline, who seemed to know that she was onto him. "The hope was that she was trying to keep her cool and really seemed like she wasn't freaked out, but yeah, that was an extremely creepy moment, I think maybe one of the scariest in the series for Sara," Fox admitted, adding, "The trick is trying to play it cool, but I think she was shaking in her shoes."

The scene was dark — not only in subject matter but also in terms of the lighting in the lab. Fox acknowledge the tone was "very spooky" and went on to acknowledge just how bold Kline was for showing up on the scene. She then reflected, "I think it was really great that Grissom showed up when he did. I don't know if it would have been as polite [if he hadn't]."

Looking ahead, Fox said the story will only get more intense. "There might be one or two more twists ahead," she teased. "We're gonna find a person that's probably going to lead us to another. The stakes have never been higher and the evidence is small. They know they've never had less to work with." High stakes and nothing but the investigators' own wits to figure it out? Yup, "CSI" is definitely back.