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CSI: Vegas Revival Premiere Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far

Over two decades ago, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation premiered on CBS and was a hit, eventually spawning three spinoff shows as well as video games and a book series — not to mention plenty of subsequent copycat series. CSI lasted 15 seasons, finally closing up shop in 2015 with a feature-length finale. But the end is only the end until it isn't. After over a year of speculation, The Hollywood Reporter recently wrote that the revival series CSI: Vegas is on its way.

But what exactly can fans expect from the return of the CSI franchise's flagship series? Who are the forensic scientists we can expect to see? While William Petersen's Gil Grissom led the show for most of its long life, he has been replaced by Laurence Fishburne's Raymond Langston, who in turn was replaced by Ted Danson's D.B. Russell. So which of them will lead the revival series? There's also the question of exactly what kind of new challenges the investigators will be handling, not to mention exactly when we can see their new investigations unfold.

CSI: Vegas is coming sooner than you think

The official release date for CSI: Vegas hasn't been disclosed. But while we don't have any fancy labs or forensic tools to sniff out a precise date for you, we can make a pretty good guess. 

THR's report from late March 2021 isn't the first time we've gotten word of CSI: Vegas. They reported over a year ago in February 2020 that a CSI series revival was "in the works." While such projects seem to sometimes have the tendency to die on the vine, thankfully it looks like that hasn't been the case for CSI: Vegas. THR's more recent story puts the show in CBS' 2021-22 schedule. 

With all of that in mind, we're guessing that CSI: Vegas will premiere on CBS in the fall of 2021 at the absolute latest, possibly as early as late summer. Of course, that's keeping in mind that with COVID-19 still an ongoing concern, everything is subject to change. 

CSI: Vegas will bring back original cast members and introduce some new ones

THR has confirmed that at least three stars from the original series will return for CSI: Vegas. William Petersen will return as Gil Grissom, and joining him will be Jorja Fox as fellow investigator Sara Sidle, who is Grissom's wife. Finally, there's Wallace Langham reprising the role of the arrogant trace evidence specialist David Hodges. 

The report included four other actors' names, and at least two of the performers have already appeared on CSI. Matt Lauria had the season 12 recurring role of Agent Matthew Pratt, though it isn't known whether or not this is who he'll be playing in the new series. Mel Rodriguez had a one-off in the first season of CSI: NY, but since he actually plays a suspect in that episode, we're guessing that's not who he'll be playing in Vegas. 

Paula Newsome has never been a part of CSI before now. However, you may have seen her play law enforcement roles. She's Detective Janice Moss on the acclaimed HBO dark comedy Barry. Likewise, Mandeep Dhillon is no CSI veteran, though she is a veteran in a galaxy far, far away. She plays Lieutenant Lanzora Garan in 2019's Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker

The Vegas CSI office will deal with an existential threat in the new series

As far as the overall plot of CSI: Vegas is concerned, not a lot has been revealed. THR's report says the investigators will face an "existential threat," which is not the kind of thing you expect to hear about a forensic investigation series. 

It's possible CBS has already given us some big clues about what they mean by an "existential threat." In her statement about the series (via THR), CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl talked about welcoming "the next generation of forensic criminalists" and uniting them "with the legendary characters from the past." She went on to mention how "[c]rimefighting technology has advanced dramatically over the last several years." 

This is only speculation, but considering Kahl's focus on the old vs. the new and the advancement of technology, perhaps the existential threat the CSI heroes will be facing is the threat of becoming obsolete. Perhaps since we've last seen the Las Vegas lab, they haven't kept up with the times. It's possible Grissom, Sidle, and Hodges haven't kept current with the most recent forensic breakthroughs and techniques.

Regardless, CSI: Vegas promises to attract an eager following when it premieres.