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Dexter: New Blood Creator Says The Series' Ending Will 'Blow Up The Internet'

In case you didn't know, season finales are a touchy subject for "Dexter" fans. 

The finale for the Showtime series' "farewell" season in 2013 is still considered one of the worst in television history, with former showrunner Clyde Phillips even ripping it to shreds recently. "Let's just be blunt. If you Google 'The Top 10 Worst Series Finales Ever,' 'Dexter' is going to be on every list," said Phillips in a interview with Screen Rant. "People were so disappointed." 

More than 10 years later, Phillips and Showtime get to right this historic wrong with the release of "Dexter: New Blood," which follows Michael C. Hall's titular psychopath as he attempts to establish a new life with his son off the grid. "We have, in a non-religious sense here, a chance for redemption," Phillips explained. Speaking to TVLine this week, he described exactly what the cast and crew had up their sleeves for the miniseries and its finale to ensure a faithful return to the essence of "Dexter," a show that won four well-deserved Emmys back when Phillips was at the helm.

Dexter: New Blood ending is 'surprising, inevitable'

In order to make fans forget about Dexter Morgan's lambasted "final" season, Clyde Phillips knew he had to up ante for the finale of "New Blood."

"Our director Marcos Siega, who could not be more experienced and a better friend of the show, thinks it's the best thing he's ever directed," Phillips told TVLine. "I haven't seen it yet, by the way. I only saw it get shot. We're editing Episodes 7 and 8 right now, so I haven't seen 10 yet. I can't wait, to tell you the truth." According to Phillips, fans won't know what to expect once they get to the end of the miniseries. "It's going to be surprising, inevitable and it's going to blow up the Internet," he said. "It is, I personally think, the best thing I've written."

Phillips, who walked away from "Dexter" in 2009, oversaw production on one of the show's most-loved seasons — Season 4 — which featured John Lithgow's Trinity Killer. The team won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series and Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, which went to Lithgow. The "3rd Rock from the Sun" star will be making a return to the "Dexter" universe in "New Blood," though it's unclear how. 

"It's a flashback, obviously, because Dexter took him out in Season 4," Phillips told TVLine. "He was just great."