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The Eternals Pair That MCU Fans Can't Help But Love

It's always interesting to see superheroes get love interests in comic book movies. They're often a huge part of a character's story arc, and the love interest in question often complements the hero in different ways. Batman has Catwoman, Superman has Lois Lane, Spider-Man (typically) has Mary-Jane Watson, and Iron Man has Pepper Potts. But, since Chloé Zhao's "Eternals" spans thousands of years, it allows the Marvel Cinematic Universe to look at what such a long lifespan does to the development and longevity of a romantic relationship.

The film puts a huge focus on Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden) as the central couple. When the story kicks off in the present day, the pair is estranged. Now, Sersi is dating Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) while living in London, and Ikaris is off being a typical brooding hero. Sersi and Ikaris are reunited when the return of the Deviants forces the Eternals to band together again. It obviously makes things a little awkward, especially when certain revelations come to light later on in the adventure. However, most Marvel fans seem to agree that a surprising "Eternals" couple has managed to upstage Sersi and Ikaris.

Fans are loving Makkari and Druig

When the Eternals are reunited in the latest Marvel movie, Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) and Druig (Barry Keoghan) instantly have a flirty chemistry that suggests they were romantically linked at some point. Their connection only briefly gets the spotlight, but it's enough to get fans interested. On Twitter, @waltersndavers tweeted, "The way Makkari and Druig didn't see each other for centuries but still fell into their rhythm of being flirty with each other. I love them [so much]." Under a tweet from Keoghan showing affection for the Makkari-Druig relationship, @wakknda wrote, "I don't think you understand how much we love them," and @harleivy commented, "So true, best couple."

Meanwhile, @freezetxt says they prefer the other couples in "Eternals" over Ikaris and Sersi, explaining, "I'm so sorry. Druig and Makkari, and Thena and Gilgamesh outsold the main couple." They also added, "The way Druig only smiled at Makkari and how Gilgamesh is the only one that can handle them. They have my heart." To be fair, Gilgamesh's (Don Lee) protection of Thena (Angelina Jolie) is incredibly sweet.

And @wyliesdaya explained that although the duo didn't have much screen time together, they're still a great pairing. "I know that their screen time is maybe two minutes total, but Druig and Makkari are a Top 5 MCU ship. You either get it or you don't." Hopefully, Marvel Studios takes note of the dynamic between Ridloff and Keoghan for future films, as it would be great to see more from the two heroes elsewhere in the MCU.