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The Office Star You Forgot Was A Criminal Minds Unsub

While the recurring cast of characters in crime drama "Criminal Minds" is largely comprised of members of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, the criminals they're tasked with stopping can prove to be equally, if not sometimes more compelling. For example, the tenth episode of Season 3 features an unsub — the series' parlance for an unidentified perpetrator of a crime — whose murders are an attempt to enact revenge on members of a gang responsible for killing his pregnant wife. As a result of his sympathetic motivation, some fans hoped that he might get away with his crimes free of consequence.

Furthermore, that character was portrayed by Frankie Muniz, who is but one of numerous recognizable faces behind some of the many unsubs from throughout the 15 seasons that comprise "Criminal Minds." Other celebrities featured in a similar capacity include Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill, and Tim Curry, among others.

Viewers of "Criminal Minds" unfamiliar with "The Office" at the time, meanwhile, might not realize that an actor primarily recognizable for his recurring "Office" role made another such cameo appearance during the series' ninth season.

Brian Baumgartner played an unsub in Criminal Minds Season 9

The primary storyline of Season 9 Episode 22 of "Criminal Minds," titled "Fatal," follows the Behavioral Analysis Unit team's attempt to catch the perpetrator of a series of fatal poisonings. Notes accompanying the murders serve as one of their primary clues, indicating that their unsub is interested in Greek mythology. The BAU team ends up identifying the man responsible for the killings as Bill Harding. Fans of "The Office" should recognize the actor portraying Harding as Brian Baumgartner, known for his role as Kevin Malone.

As it turns out, during his childhood, Harding witnessed a friend dying while they were lost together in a snowy forest. During his recovery, a teacher gifted him a book about Greek mythology, hence his fascination with the subject in adulthood. His spree of murders, meanwhile, are motivated by jealousy — he specifically targets patrons he observed enjoying their time at a cafe following his reception of a terminal cancer diagnosis.

As with the majority of celebrity unsubs to appear throughout "Criminal Minds," Baumgartner's tenure lasts for but one episode, at the end of which Harding is apprehended. Still, fans of "The Office" might be surprised to see sweet, dumb Kevin Malone as a brutal killer.