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A Magician Joins The FBI In Trailer For Greg Berlanti's Deception

That's Cameron Black, everyone. The new trailer for the upcoming Greg Berlanti drama Deception introduces the world famous magician, and shows us the tricks he'll use to earn a job as a special observer at the FBI.

The trailer begins with FBI Agent Kay Daniels (Ilfenesh Hadera) talking to drug dealer Felix Ruiz (Elliot Villar) in cuffs on a private plane. "You're a cartel commander, one of their best," she says. "You don't make mistakes. Why are you really here?" Immediately after it becomes apparent that Ruiz has a few tricks up his sleeve, as the men guarding the plane began to get shot and puff up in red smoke. As the smoke fills the bunker, the plane appears to explode, leading the FBI on a search for answers.

Those answers arrive in the form of Black (Jack Cutmore-Scott), an impressive magician who can fill Times Square with people looking to watch his tricks. Black informs the FBI that their plane didn't actually explode, it disappeared, and he says he wants to help them figure out why. He's partnered up with Kay, who says she isn't a fan of magic, but who still begins to believe in Black's ability to help. While many at the FBI begin to doubt his motives, Black makes it clear what he's actually looking for. "You're looking for a drug dealer, I'm looking for the magician who helped him get away," Black says, likely setting up the series' overarching season-long plot line.

However, not all is well for Black, as his team (led by Vinnie Jones' Gunter Gustafsen) isn't happy about him taking time off from the business to join the FBI. "You're an illusionist," Gustafsen says. "The FBI doesn't need you, we need you." Black makes it clear, though, that the FBI actually needs his whole team of misfits to help out, and they eventually all appear to get on board.

The trailer hints that the series won't be light on the magic tricks, as Black seems willing to use them at just about every turn in the investigation. It also shows that the series has maintained the mix of fun and drama Berlanti, the man responsible for The CW's Arrow-verse, has become well known for. Deception, from Chuck's Chris Fedak with Berlanti as executive producer, is being held for mid-season, so it may be a while before we get to see "the FBI's most extraordinary secret weapon"; in the meantime, see some actors whose careers were ruined by great TV shows.