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Dwayne Johnson And Vin Diesel's Feud Just Took An Unexpected Turn

Fans of the "Fast and Furious" franchise are very familiar with the ongoing feud between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. The latter entered the beloved universe in "Fast Five" as Luke Hobbs, a DSS bounty hunter tasked with tracking down Dominic Toretto (Diesel), Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), and Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) — who were framed for the murders of several DEA agents. Hobbs and Dom become frenemies by the end of the movie, and Johnson would go on to appear in three more sequel films — "Fast & Furious 6," "Furious 7," and "The Fate of the Furious."

While the eighth film in the franchise was shooting in 2016, Johnson took to his Instagram to spill the tea regarding some on-set drama (via The Hollywood Reporter). The actor praised his female co-stars but mentioned the men were "a different story." While he didn't specifically name which of his acting partners caused him problems, it was clear Diesel was the issue to many. "Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don't," Johnson wrote. "The ones that don't are too chicken sh*t to do anything about it anyway. Candy asses."

Since then, their feud has been a non-stop back and forth. Johnson was the last to speak on their ongoing battle in an interview with THR in July, where he wished the franchise well and confirmed he wouldn't appear in any more "Fast" films.

However, Diesel is bringing their feud to the forefront yet again, but this time, in a way that's shocking fans.

Vin Diesel offers an olive branch to Dwayne Johnson

In a new Instagram post, shared with his over 76 million followers on November 7, Vin Diesel offered the olive branch of all olive branches to his former co-star.

"My little brother Dwayne... the time has come," Diesel began the lengthy post. "The world awaits the finale of Fast 10. As you know, my children refer to you as Uncle Dwayne in my house. There is not a holiday that goes by that they and you don't send well wishes... but the time has come. Legacy awaits." Not only is "Fast 10" on its way but so is "Fast 11," and the films will serve as a two-part epic finale to the universe, which began in 2001. Many fans suspect the two-parter will feature characters from former "Fast" films, and what would they be without Hobbs?

"I told you years ago that I was going to fulfill my promise to Pablo," Diesel continued, referring to the late Paul Walker. "I swore that we would reach and manifest the best Fast in the finale that is 10! I say this out of love... but you must show up, do not leave the franchise idle you have a very important role to play. Hobbs can't be played by no other. I hope that you rise to the occasion and fulfill your destiny."

This is a bold strategy for Diesel, especially given Dwayne Johnson's recent statements declaring he'd never appear in another "Fast" film. But you never turn your back on family, right?

Diesel is over their lengthy feud

It looks like Diesel is happy to let the past be the past for the sake of the "Fast" franchise. But will Johnson feel the same way? At the time of this publication, the "Red Notice" star has not responded to his former co-star's plea for reconciliation. As active as Johnson is on social media, we wouldn't be surprised to hear something soon.

Before his new Instagram post, Diesel already appeared to be over the feud. In a June interview with Men's Health, the actor claimed his issues with Johnson came from pushing his co-star to the limit to get the best performance. "That took a lot of work. We had to get there, and sometimes, at that time, I could give a lot of tough love. Not Felliniesque, but I would do anything I'd have to do in order to get performances in anything I'm producing," he told the outlet.

Johnson later laughed at Diesel's comments when talking to THR and wasn't buying his former pal's statements. Will these two ever see eye to eye?

Fans are all about family

It's probably going to take a lot more than an Instagram plea to get Dwayne Johnson signed on to "Fast 10" and possibly "Fast 11." Perhaps a couple of Corona's might tip the scales? There's no way to know if Vin Diesel has reached out to Johnson in private or if the social media strategy is currently his only plan of action.

If the "Fast" fandom has anything to say about it, Johnson would be signing on the dotted line right now. Diesel's Instagram post was liked well over a half a million times and had 10,000 comments just a mere two hours after it was posted. In the past, fans seemed to have taken Johnson's side in the feud, but for the sake of "Fast 10," it looks like everyone is on the side of family.

"Hobbs is a very important part of the story. Put your differences aside @therock one last time," Instagrammer 1884dave wrote. "Time to make the Family whole again," a "Fast" fan account added.

It would be the plot twist of the year if Johnson accepted Diesel's olive branch and rejoined the iconic franchise. If so, the hierarchy in the "Fast" universe is about to change — wait, never mind, that's something else.