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Who Is Marvel's Pip The Troll? We Explain

Contains spoilers for Marvel Studios' "Eternals." Reader beware!

Marvel Studios' "Eternals" is finally here after overcoming numerous COVID-19-related delays, and it's not an exaggeration to call it a breath of fresh air in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brought to life by an entirely new cast of heroes, director Chloé Zhao's ensemble epic takes us across time and space, letting us know how this version of the Marvel universe got its start and how that history is manifesting itself in the present day. Though it seems to have fans and critics thoroughly divided, that hasn't prevented "Eternals" from making headlines as its time on the big screen begins.

There's certainly a lot to unpack from the film itself — ranging from the reemergence of the Celestials in the MCU to the impact the Eternals have had on human history –, but the post-credits scenes left us with no shortage of burgeoning story beats to ponder. The start of Dane Whitman's (Kit Harington) transformation into the Black Knight via the mysterious Ebony Blade is certainly worth talking about, as is the first appearance of Starfox, aka Eros (as portrayed by music sensation Harry Styles). However, one would be remiss not to highlight the arrival of another, smaller comic book favorite: Pip the Troll.

Voiced by Patton Oswalt of "MODOK" fame, Pip arrived in the first "Eternals" post-credits scene at the same time as Eros — introducing himself and his friend to Eternals Makkari (Lauren Ridloff), Thena (Angelina Jolie), and Druig (Barry Keoghan). For those unfamiliar with Pip, here's an overview of where his Marvel Comics journey has taken him and what he's capable of.

From royalty to exile

Pip the Troll — also known by his full name, Pip Gofern — comes to comic book readers from the mind of Jim Starlin, who also created Thanos, Shang-Chi, and more. His first appearance came in January 1975's "Strange Tales" #179, kicking off a run that would tell readers all about this interesting addition to the Marvel canon. Pip hails from a planet known as Laxidazia, where he was 260th in line to take the throne. Sadly for him, he'd never have the chance to live up to his Prince Gofern name.

A species of trolls also called Laxidazia home, but they were treated as outcasts by much of the world for their unorthodox appearance and unruly behavior. Nevertheless, Pip once engaged in a night of drinking with them — a choice that would change his life forever. Thanks to a transformative enchanted liquor, when he awoke, he'd take on the physical features of a troll. Mortified, he attempted to hide as best he could, but he couldn't keep up the charade forever. Upon being found out, Laxidazia's people forced him into exile.

Now left to wander the galaxy, Pip found himself in a whirlwind of adventures. He joined forces with Adam Warlock to defeat the Magus, became a valued member of the Infinity Watch — a faction created to ensure the Infinity Stones didn't fall into the wrong hands –, dealt with the goddess Hela, and even spent some time with the Ravagers to find a galaxy without cigarettes so that he could curb his addiction.

Pip's powers

There's no denying that Pip the Troll boasts an impressive résumé, having worked with some of Marvel Comics' greatest heroes, facing down its most evil villains, and taking part in universe-altering events. But, what is it about him that makes him worthy of bringing along for such a high-stakes ride? Aside from the fact that Pip has a talent for ending up in rough situations, oftentimes incurring the wrath of dangerous foes, he has a handful of special tricks up his sleeve that makes him a worthy member of any metahuman team.

As seen in "Eternals" and throughout his comic book tenure, Pip has the ability to teleport at will and even bring other people with him should the situation call for it. In that same vein, he's known to have excellent global locationing skills that allow him to find anyone, no matter how close or far the person in question may be. Additionally, thanks to a story where Adam Warlock formed a brand new body for him, he now has superhuman levels of physical strength. Estimates state that he can now lift somewhere around 10 tons.

Pip the Troll isn't on the level of Captain America or Spider-Man, but he's a tenured member of the Marvel Comics roster all the same. Whether he's at Eros' side or entirely on his own, surely he'll prove himself a fine addition to the MCU's as well.