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The Spider-Man Villain You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Since his first appearance in 1962's "Amazing Fantasy" #15, Spider-Man has been the flagship character of Marvel Comics, and with good reason. A radical departure from the square-jawed demigods that dominated the comic book scene at the time, Peter Benjamin Parker is a nerdy teenager with money problems and relationship troubles, before and after becoming Spider-Man. Getting spectacular spider-powers doesn't solve his problems, they just add more to his already full plate. In many ways, Peter is Marvel's everyman, the most relatable superhero in the publisher's roster.

Spider-Man also happens to have one of the most memorable rogues galleries in fiction, in part because his villains tend to be as relatable as he is. While Peter does have his share of would-be world conquerors, he also has to deal with bullied geniuses, emotionally stunted adults, and hard-luck scragglers simply trying to make the most out of the bad hand life dealt them. 

You don't need to have villainous intentions (or a bat-shaped glider) to find some common ground with Spider-Man's foes. You can simply look at your horoscope and see which of Spider-Man's sinister enemies best match the characteristics associated with your birth constellation. Here is a guide to finding out which Spider-Man villain you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Rhino

As the walking armored tank Rhino, Aleksei Sytsevich utilizes his tough hide, enhanced strength, and fearlessness to tackle any obstacle head-on, whether it's a bank's reinforced wall or a wall-crawling superhero. Among all of Spider-Man's foes, it is Rhino who best embodies the characteristics of the fire sign Aries.

Individuals born under the Aries sign are said to be impulsive, often preferring to take quick action rather than sitting down and thinking through their options. On numerous occasions, Rhino demonstrates this characteristic. Typically the muscle of any group he finds himself working with, this living battering ram almost always charges horn-first into danger, muscling his way towards his objective. However, Rhino also lives up to Aries folks' difficulty slowing down, literally and figuratively. Thus, with his notoriously short fuse and infamously dull wit, he tends to be easily manipulated into defeating himself, despite being a formidable fighter who can hold his own against similarly hardy opponents like the Thing and the Incredible Hulk.

Rhino is also like the archetypal Aries when it comes to love, willing to lay down everything to make the apple of their eye happy. He demonstrates this on at least two occasions: When he volunteers for an experimental intelligence-boosting treatment to become a suitable partner for a mob boss' daughter in "Spider-Man's Tangled Web" #5, and when he briefly abandons his criminal life to be with his wife, Oksana, in "Amazing Spider-Man" #617.

Taurus: Doctor Octopus

For all of Dr. Otto Octavius' faults — which include being a criminal mastermind bent on proving how much better he is than everyone else — he does share quite a bit of positive common ground with people born under the earth sign Taurus.

As the founder of the Sinister Six, Dr. Octopus repeatedly proves himself to be one of Spider-Man's most hardworking and determined enemies. He doesn't care if he has to do it alone or with the help of like-minded felons — once Doc Ock sets his brilliant mind on something, he will see to it that he gets it done regardless of the cost. Unfortunately, this feeds into his superiority complex, which often manifests itself in the worst way possible. Like those born under the Taurus sign, Doc Ock has difficulty conforming with rules he deems pointless and often prefers to do things his own way.

Like the Taurus-born, the only way to change Doc Ock's mind is through a powerful catalyst that induces a change of heart. He experiences such a transformation when he switches minds with Peter Parker to become the Superior Spider-Man in "Amazing Spider-Man" #700. That said, the not-so-good doctor goes out of his way to be an excellent partner to the women he chooses to spend time with, such as Aunt May (whom he almost marries in "Amazing Spider-Man" #131) and Anna Maria Marconi (whom he tries to impress in "Superior Spider-Man" #6).

Gemini: Chameleon

The mysterious Dmitri Smerdyakov is a master of disguise who tricks, imitates, and manipulates people to achieve his ends. With his fluid personality and ability to adapt to any situation, the Chameleon embodies the traits associated with people born under the air sign Gemini.

The Chameleon's deception transcends mere makeup and mimicry. He demonstrates an uncanny ability to play with people's emotions by telling them what they want to hear based on simple context clues, as seen in "Amazing Spider-Man" #603. This malleability allows him to assume other people's identities to further his criminal goals. Unfortunately, this can lead to him becoming obsessive regarding his targets, as seen in "Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man" #11, a disturbing characteristic that takes the Gemini trait of being a loyal partner to the extreme.

The Chameleon is one of Spider-Man's sharpest enemies. Gemini-born folks share this slippery villain's tactical brilliance, putting their ability to assess any situation to good use whenever they need to make decisions. Anyone attempting to know the true Chameleon will be in for a disappointment, as there are too many layers to this villain's personality for one person to grasp. The Chameleon excels at displaying whichever side of him best suits a situation, but his personas can be so diverse, he may as well have multiple twins doing his bidding.

Cancer: Venom

When disgraced journalist Eddie Brock comes to his wit's end, he unexpectedly encounters Spider-Man's discarded alien costume in "Amazing Spider-Man" #300, birthing one of the most memorable characters in the Marvel universe — the self-styled Lethal Protector, Venom. As Eddie and the symbiote become an inseparable pair, their partnership brings out both their best and worst characteristics which mirror, in a twisted way, some of the water sign Cancer's signature traits.

It is said that people born under the Cancer sign find fulfillment and joy in having a partner and are incredibly loyal to their significant other. The connection between Eddie and the symbiote goes beyond traditional romance, signifying a near-unbreakable bond. Without either the symbiote or the host, Venom cannot function, and both need each other to become whole. However, Venom proves time and again that he does his best work alone, much like how Cancers have an independent streak. Case in point — the first time Venom tries to join the Sinister Six, in "Amazing Spider-Man" #12, things don't work out so well for his teammates.

With the symbiote's powers of disguise, Eddie can wear any outfit on Earth. This reflects the Cancer sign's natural ability to observe and mimic others, as well as the boundless creativity identified with people born under it.

Leo: Kraven the Hunter

Given the motif of Sergei Kravinoff's classic get-up, it may seem like a no-brainer to associate him with the fire sign, Leo. However, this fearless hunter has far more in common with people born under the lion's sign than his costume.

Kraven is descended from a line of Russian aristocrats, a fact revealed in "Amazing Spider-Man" #389, which has imbued the Spider-villain with a grand sense of nobility and self-importance. Unembarrassed to brand himself as the world's greatest hunter, Kraven's arrogance is a twisted reflection of the typical Leo's high self-esteem. Much like Kraven, Leos are said to be the first to give themselves a pat on the back for their successes, as they see no merit in false humility or holding back self-praise. Kraven's commanding presence is also a trademark trait of Leo-born folks, who can inspire their subordinates to act in ways no other leader can. The hunter's presence and influence can even extend from beyond the grave, as his family members go to great lengths to bring him back from the dead in "Amazing Spider-Man" #634.

As a skillful hunter empowered by potions and jungle herbs, Kraven's energy seems boundless — yet another classic Leo trait. And of course, like Leos, Kraven the Hunter is a true adventurer, in the literal and figurative sense.

Virgo: Lizard

It may sound ironic that a character missing an arm is the best embodiment of the zodiac sign perpetually willing to lend a hand, but it's the truth. Dr. Curt Connors, aka. the Lizard, possesses many of the signature traits of the earth sign Virgo.

A kind-hearted, brilliant scientist whose path to villainy sprang forth from his quest for self-restoration, Dr. Connors has been Spider-Man's greatest ally and his worst enemy. Rarely hesitating to help the web-slinger in his time of need — whether it involves curing his dying aunt in "Amazing Spider-Man" #33 or ridding him of four extra arms in "Amazing Spider-Man" #102 — Dr. Connors mirrors the archetypal Virgo's tendency to uplift those who depend on them, even if it means spreading themselves thin.

Unfortunately, Dr. Connors rarely extends the same level of kindness to himself. After all, it is his expectation of perfection from himself (another classic Virgo trait) that leads him to develop the Lizard serum in "The Amazing Spider-Man" #6. All things considered, though, Dr. Connors is a perpetually curious scientist, pushing the boundaries of current technology to develop new ways of improving the lives of those around him.

Libra: Mysterio

Quentin Beck has always fancied himself an unappreciated genius who has never had a chance at the spotlight he deserves. As his villainous career in the guise of the master illusionist Mysterio can attest to, this egotistical assumption isn't entirely unwarranted: Among all of Spider-Man's enemies, ol' Fishbowl is one of the most imaginative and adaptable, making him the perfect evil counterpart for people born under the air sign Libra.

Ever since his first appearance in "Amazing Spider-Man" #13, Mysterio has displayed incredible levels of creativity, applied through technology imbued with a dramatic flair. In a way, this parallels Librans' oft-cited capacity to think outside of the box and find creative applications for otherwise straightforward ideas. Like people born under the Libra sign, Mysterio is an idea machine, never running out of new ways to confuse Spider-Man's senses in battle. Mysterio excels in putting his creative intellect, eye for design, and impressive communication skills to good use as the situation demands.

Along with his ability to cast realistic illusions, Mysterio also occasionally displays a knack for making other people feel at ease with him, a signature Libra trait. In "Amazing Mary Jane" #1, he even manages to befriend Spider-Man's wise and insightful partner Mary Jane, no easy feat for any supervillain.

Scorpio: Sandman

People born under the Scorpio sign are often characterized as passionate, determined, focused, and authentic. They've also been said to be tough to intimidate and are the first to speak up when injustice occurs. Among Spider-Man's enemies, few embody the traits of this sign quite like the "Flint Marko," aka the Sandman.

From the moment he and Spider-Man first fight in "Amazing Spider-Man" #4, it is evident that the Sandman is determined to get what he wants, no matter what the cost. In "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" #1, he even fakes his defeat at the novice superhero's hands to see his father in prison. Stubborn and tenacious, Flint survives getting turned into glass during "Spider-Man" #22, merging with fellow felon Hydro-Man in "Amazing Spider-Man" #217, and even cancer, as seen in the pages of "Wonder Man" #1.

That's not to say that the Sandman doesn't have a softer side. In fact, he even dances with the idea of playing for the good guys at multiple points in his career. He fights alongside the Avengers in "Amazing Spider-Man" #348, briefly joins "Silver Sable's Wild Pack," and even comes to the aid of Spider-Man in "Web of Spider-Man" #50. Even his fashion sense hints at his desire to be genuine and authentic. Despite having the power to make himself look like anyone he wants, he has, for the most part, looked exactly like how he did as William Baker before his transformation.

Sagittarius: Carnage

Cletus Kasady's brutal, nihilistic views on life and death make him one of Spider-Man's most dangerous foes. After merging with the offspring of the Venom symbiote, the fire-red Carnage brings a trail of violence, murder, and destruction wherever he goes. However, a deeper look at the bottomless pit that is Carnage's soul reveals that he shares many traits, albeit pushed to the limits of unmistakable villainy, with people born under the fire sign Sagittarius.

For starters, Carnage's unhinged perspectives push him towards goals that even his fellow Spider-villains have trouble visualizing. Similarly, people born under the Sagittarius sign are known as visionaries, adept at conceptualizing things that other folks can't see. That said, Carnage takes this trait to a murderous extreme: He instigates a killing spree across New York during the Maximum Carnage event, takes over an entire Colorado town in "Carnage, U.S.A." #1, and brings forth an intergalactic god of darkness as a part of Absolute Carnage.

Like many Sagittarius-born people, Carnage is both a skilled solo operative and a competent group member. Carnage also exhibits the creativity that Sagittarians are well-known for, albeit in brutally unpleasant ways. He often fashions an assortment of deadly weapons out of his blood-colored (and often blood-covered) tendrils. In a way, Carnage also embraces the Sagittarian trait of going after whatever he wants, other people's opinions notwithstanding. Unfortunately, what he wants usually involves killing every living thing in sight.

Capricorn: Green Goblin

Connected to Peter's life as both a superhero and a civilian, Norman Osborn's demonic influence often seeps into Spider-Man's life, regularly resulting in tragedy. Taking a step back from his villainous acts, though, reveals that the Green Goblin is a dead ringer for someone born under the earth sign Capricorn.

Like the stereotypical Capricorn, Norman knows the right words to say to either make people comfortable, as seen in "Marvel Knights: Spider-Man" #12, or push their buttons, like in "Peter Parker: Spider-Man" #44. Like Capricorns, the Green Goblin is also extremely intelligent and detail-oriented. Spider-Man even acknowledges that Norman has the resources to cure cancer if only he cared enough to try — and in "Thunderbolts #130, he actually does so, although he ultimately turns his remedy into a weapon to use against Deadpool. As a successful business owner with immense wealth, Norman also embodies the Capricorn trait of being well-suited for the entrepreneurial world.

For all of the Green Goblin's skills and drive, though, his most noteworthy trait is his adherence to family and tradition. In Norman's case, however, he takes this Capricorn trait to an unreasonable extreme, expecting nothing but perfection from his son Harry. At one point in "Peter Parker: Spider-Man" #25, he even tries to brainwash Peter into becoming his successor, seeing the web-slinger as the son he never had.

Aquarius: Morbius

Before his transformation into a vampire, the biochemist Dr. Michael Morbius was a brilliant Nobel laureate. However, his attempts to treat his rare blood disease turn him into the pale-skinned thorn in Spider-Man's side that he is today. Despite his turn, Morbius reflects many of the positive traits associated with the air sign Aquarius.

Morbius never gives up on trying to cure himself, which can be likened to Aquarian's signature determination. People born under this sign also tend to believe that they can evolve over time and that their past should not define their present or future. In many ways, Morbius embodies this characteristic. After all, he is one of the few vampires in the Marvel universe actively fighting against his primal urges in a world that expects nothing but evil from him.

Like many Aquarians, Morbius tends to focus on the bigger picture and is eager to get the job done by utilizing unconventional connections. An excellent example of this is seen when he attempts to develop a cure not only for his condition but for the Lizard's as well, in "Amazing Spider-Man" #679. On top of all this, there's just something compelling and fresh about Morbius' bat-inspired design. He looks effortlessly cool as a comic book vampire, in the same way Aquarians manage to pull off "cool" without breaking a sweat.

Pisces: Electro

In a weird way, it makes sense for Electro to be the Spider-villain who best embodies the traits of the water sign, Pisces. After all, water serves as an excellent conductor for this electrifying villain. Beyond that association, however, Max Dillon's character traits (and flaws) can also be observed in people born under this sign.

Electro is a regular member of the Sinister Six, which is reflective of the Piscean tendency to be collaborative and their willingness to respond to calls for help. Electro is stronger than many Spider-Man's enemies, as his mastery of electricity enables him to perform amazing feats, such as instigating the breakout of inmates from a high-security supervillain prison in "New Avengers" #1 with remarkable efficiency. Similarly, Pisceans often adopt different, more effective methods than other folks when accomplishing tasks.

Unfortunately, Electro's life experiences have made it difficult for him to ask for help. This leads to him adopting a defensive stance, as many Pisceans do, or occasionally biting off more than he can chew, as seen in "Spider-Man" #40. At times, this can make him feel like no one else in the world understands him, similar to how people born under the Pisces sign sometimes struggle with feelings of alienation.