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Two New My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Clips Showcase New Characters

Fans of the popular franchise "My Hero Academia" have two new characters to look forward to seeing in the latest film "My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission." Funimation released two clips debuting the new characters to celebrate the opening weekend of the franchise's third film.

In the world of "My Hero Academia," 80% of the world's population is born with a "quirk," or a unique superpower. These quirks have led to the rise of pro heroes and villains, which the series main character and hero-in-training, Izuku Midoriya, aka "Deku," hopes to bring down in his rise to pro-hero status. "World Heroes' Mission" brings about some trouble for Midoriya, however, as he is framed for a mass murder and must go on the run. He enlists the help of his fellow UA High students, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki, in order to clear his name. Meanwhile, the student heroes must also tackle a rising villainous group, Humarise, whose goal is to wipe all of the population's quirks in the hopes of bringing about world peace. Along the way, the group runs into new faces, which judging by the clips, looks to be one of the film's villains, Leviathan, as well as a friendly-ish character, Rody.

There's a new villain and ally debuting in World Heroes' Mission

In one clip, viewers see the previously mentioned Todoroki battle it out against the big, bad Leviathan. In the "My Hero Academia" series, Todoroki is notoriously one of the more powerful UA students with his ability to wield both fire and ice. However, it looks like he is running into quite a bit of trouble in his fight against Leviathan. According to Funimation Films, Leviathan is a member of the evil group Humarise and has the ability to manipulate water into powerful streams, which clearly proves to be an issue for Todoroki.

On the opposite side of things, the second clip shows Midoriya in pursuit of Rody and his little feathered sidekick Pino. Initially, it doesn't look like the group gets off on the right foot as Rody runs away with a case Midoriya needs to obtain. According to Funimation Films, Rody and Pino eventually team up with the heroes to help out in their mission. As of now, it's hard to say what Rody and Pino's quirks are, so fans will have to see for themselves when "My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission" hits theaters.