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The New Trailer For Apple TV Sci-Fi Drama Swan Song Will Blow You Away

The library over at Apple TV+ continues to grow into a bushel of great potential hits, and with the recent release of its official trailer, Mahershala Ali's upcoming film "Swan Song" has just been added to the list. Set in the not-too-distant future, the film directed by Benjamin Cleary sees a devoted father and husband get offered a second chance that could ultimately cost him everything.

Cameron (Ali) is dying from a terminal illness and finds a solution given to him by his doctor (Glenn Close) to ensure that his family endures as little heartache as possible. The answer lies in cloning himself in such a way that will still maintain all of Cam's memories so that his family can still have a loving father and husband to stay with them. However, the opportunity leads Cameron to question whether he's making the right choice and assess the value of the life he's leaving behind.

Mahershala Ali gets a second chance in Swan Song

The movie marks Cleary's debut feature film, and aside from writing the film, it appears he chose a star-studded, talented cast for this first major project after a series of short films. Headed up by Ali in the lead along with Glenn Close, "Swan Song" also hosts the supporting talent of Naomie Harris from the recent James Bond movie "No Time To Die" as well as Awkwafina and Adam Beach.

Judging by the trailer, there's also going to be some jaw-dropping visuals on display in this story about one man's life and his desperation to live it, from the tranquil secret location where Cameron's procedure is taking place to the intimate moment he's fighting to leave behind. All of this is courtesy of cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi, whose most prominent work consists of "Hostiles," "The Grey," and most recently, "Stillwater."

Be sure to check out the end result when "Swan Song" arrives on Apple TV+ on December 17.