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Dynasty Season 5 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

The CW's "Dynasty" revival has provided the network with some great streaming numbers. While the glossy soap is notorious for landing at the bottom of the heap in live and same-day ratings contests (per Variety, the show's third season hit a ratings low at 0.1 in 2021), "Dynasty" is actually a huge international and streaming hit (per By the Numbers). 

Because The CW owns the show and licenses it out to streaming platforms like Netflix across the world, it's highly profitable for the network to keep it going. Basically, you can call the show a blockbuster for the modern era, while its mothership series, which was broadcast by ABC, was more of a cultural phenomenon and ratings hit back in the 1980s (via ClassicTVHits.com).

All of those international streamers make the recent announcement that "Dynasty" has been renewed for its fifth season a no-brainer (via Deadline). The Carringtons and the Colbys will live to see another day, but what will those days bring? When will you be able to watch it? And who will star in the fifth season of "Dynasty"? Here's what we know so far about Season 5.

When will Dynasty Season 5 be released?

There's currently no announced start date for "Dynasty" Season 5. We can, however, make an educated guess about its premiere date, as three of the show's four previous seasons debuted on The CW in October and concluded in early April or late March (per IMDb). Ergo, it's reasonable to assume that "Dynasty" will likely be back in October of 2022 on The CW with its fifth season. It's also probable that international viewers and Netflix subscribers will get to view new episodes sometime after that date.

But it's also worth noting that "Dynasty" Season 4 has been an outlier to this pattern — it debuted in May 2021 on The CW and ran through early October. Whether this was mandated by production delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic or The CW simply wanted to try the show as a summer series remains to be seen. So fans should check their local schedules in May and October of 2022 to find out which start date The CW will pick for the soapy drama's next season. 

Who will star in the fifth season of Dynasty?

First, the good news: it appears that The CW's "Dynasty" has broken its Cristal curse. After going through four seasons with three different actresses playing the young wife of Blake Carrington (Grant Show) and the rival of Alexis Carrington (Elaine Hendrix), it appears that the series has finally latched onto the right recast. Daniella Alonso, who settled into the role in Seasons 3 and 4, will apparently be back for Season 5. 

The rest of the regular cast — including Show as Blake; Hendrix as Alexis; Elizabeth Gillies as Blake's scheming daughter Fallon; Sam Underwood as Adam Carrington, Blake and Alexis' son; Rafael de la Fuente as Sam Jones; Geovanni Gopradi as Roberto Flores; Sam Adegoke as Jeff Colby; Robert Christopher Riley as Michael Culhane, Fallon's chauffeur and on-again, off-again lover; Michael Michele as Dominique Deveraux; and Adam Huber as Liam Ridley, Fallon's true love — will all apparently be back for Season 5. 

They'll be joined by Eliza Bennett, who will become a regular in Season 5 after recurring as Amanda Carrington in a few episodes of Season 4 (via Deadline). The daughter of Blake and Alexis, Amanda was raised in Europe and becomes a friend to Fallon.

What will Dynasty Season 5 be about?

During the Season 4 finale of "Dynasty," much drama descends upon the Carrington clan. Fallon is shot during a showdown with Eva (Kara Royster), her assistant, who spends much of the season trying to pull apart Liam and Fallon. Fans are left wondering whether or not she is dead as the show fades to black.

All of this happens right in the middle of a gala held in support of Blake's political career, and it is an all-around mess for most of the show's characters. Alexis is arrested for murder, unwittingly taking the fall for Adam, who kills Dr. Larson in revenge for blackmailing him. Jeff continues his descent into madness and tries to kill Brady Lloyd (Randy J. Goodwin), only to be talked out of committing the shooting by Culhane. On top of that, a third person ends up bringing a gun to the gala — Cristal's brother Roberto — who is seeking revenge on her for stealing their family company from underneath him. But Roberto fails to discharge his firearm in the wake of Fallon's shooting.

Going into "Dynasty" Season 5, a few questions remain. Will Alexis end up in the pen? Will Fallon survive her wound? Can Blake salvage his senatorial campaign? Fans will have to tune in to find out.