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The Baby Driver 2 Script Is Finished, So Why Isn't It Happening?

After a week in cinemas, Edgar Wright's first big stab at horror has been welcomed by audiences, legendary storytellers, and space-raccoon tamers the world over. "Last Night In Soho's" twisted tale of a terror over time has earned a commendable 74% on Rotten Tomatoes, and now the question already asked to the director behind it all is, of course — what has he got in store for us next?

One potential project that has been revving in the garage since 2017 is a sequel to his getaway movie with a great soundtrack, "Baby Driver." Wright has confirmed in several interviews that a script has been written and a story in place for the return of Ansel Elgort's speed demon with a killer playlist, explaining to Variety this year, "It's written ... I've actually written like three drafts of it." However, following a recent talk with "No Time To Die" director Cary Fukunaga (via Interview), the director finally revealed what the hold up was, and he'd only get back behind the wheel for the right reasons.

Baby Driver 2 will only happen if it feels Wright

The latest Bond helmer sat down with Wright to compare notes on their ways of working, positing the question of if he could make a "Baby Driver 2" without the fear of selling out. As seems to be the common stigma of returning to the well for a potential part 2, Wright discussed everything he kept in consideration if "Baby Driver 2" ever came to pass.

"If I did the sequel — and in fact I've already written a script — I'd have to find a way to make it fun for me," explained Wright. "The idea of doing a straight Xerox is just not interesting because, as you know, these films take at least two years and in our cases, because of the pandemic, they took even longer. My rule of thumb is you have to really want to do it. We've both been in situations where we have walked away from a studio franchise movie because we weren't feeling it." Wright was referring to the 2017 adaptation of "It," which Fukunaga stepped away from directing before it went to Andy Muschietti.

It's good to know that Wright is taking serious consideration on whether to give "Baby Driver" another lap around Hollywood or not. So far, we've never had a sequel to any of his previous films, with the most the director doing to bind his works is adding in a now world-famous ice cream. Maybe it should stay that way.