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Does Marvel's Eternals Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Marvel's "Eternals" premieres on November 5, and while it's interesting to see how the titular super team integrates itself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most fans know to expect that things are far from over after the movie ends and the credits start rolling. The MCU is notorious for setting up its upcoming developments with tiny glimpses into the future after the movie proper. Over the years, these short scenes during and after the credits have done some pretty heavy lifting in MCU world-building, and they've become so ubiquitous that even Disney+ shows like "Loki" and "WandaVision" can't help but indulge in the occasional post-credits scene. Knowing this, it would be outright shocking if a MCU movie wouldn't have one.

Then again, "Eternals" is no ordinary Marvel movie, as it introduces fans to a completely new, extremely powerful faction that has been existing on the background of every single MCU movie so far. Could it be that this potentially franchise-shaking movie is the first MCU offering to divert from the norm and skip the tradition? Does Marvel's "Eternals" have a post-credits scene?

The movie has two post-credit scenes

Don't worry, Marvel's "Eternals" won't step away from the tradition of MCU post-credits scenes. As Looper's "Eternals" review notes, fans can actually expect no less than two such scenes — so, as per usual, it's safe to save some popcorn for those end credits.  

As for what happens in said scenes, well ... let's not go there just yet. Marvel fans were already outraged after "Eternals" spoilers arrived online in October, thanks to some film journalists who chose to share some key revelations about a prominent post-credits scene on Twitter. As such, if you really want to find out what happens in the movie's post-credits scenes, the information is certainly out there ... but if you want to experience this and every other part of Marvel's "Eternals" completely unspoiled, it might be wiser to see the movie. After all, the wait for "Eternals" is almost over. 

Marvel's "Eternals" will premiere in theaters on November 5.