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A New Clip From Amazon's Wheel Of Time Has Epic Vibes

The premiere of Amazon's highly-anticipated adaptation of the epic fantasy series, "The Wheel of Time," is quickly approaching, which means the marketing campaign for the show is in full force. The streaming service recently released a full trailer for "The Wheel of Time" that gave interested viewers an idea of what to expect from the show's first season — especially those not familiar with the original 14-book series. As of now, the show is shaping up to be Amazon's first attempt at recapturing the success of "Game of Thrones," the fantasy series that proved to be a big hit for HBO.

The first installment in "The Wheel of Time" book series, titled "The Eye of the World," focuses on Moiraine's (Rosamund Pike) attempt to find "The Dragon," a powerful magic user who is reborn again and again and is expected to one day either save the world or destroy it. Based on the trailers that Amazon has released so far for the show, it looks like the upcoming season will adapt the series' first book fairly faithfully.

Of course, any adaptation is going to make changes to its source material, and it seems as if "The Wheel of Time" is no different. To illustrate this point, a new clip for the Amazon show has been released, and while it gives off some pretty epic vibes, it also suggests that it'll make some notable changes to the source material's established lore.

Wheel of Time's new clip focuses on Rosamund Pike's Moiraine

On Twitter, @FANologyPV recently unveiled an exclusive clip from "The Wheel of Time," which shows Rosamund Pike's Moiraine explaining a horrific event in the past — one where male magic-users brought destruction on the world. In the book, this event is called "The Breaking of the World," so the mention of it in the clip initially seems like yet another indication that the "Wheel of Time" show will be adhering pretty close to the lore of the books. However, further along in the clip, it's revealed that the Amazon series may be going in a different direction when it comes to the identity of the Dragon.

In the "Wheel of Time" books, it's understood that the Dragon will always be a male. However, in the new clip, Moiraine expresses uncertainty over whether or not the Dragon is a man or a woman. This could simply be a tool implemented by the writers of the show to inject a bit more mystery into who the Dragon is, or it could be a sign that the Amazon series will give viewers a completely new version of the character altogether. Either way, it's an interesting choice that will likely infuriate just as many book fans as it will intrigue others.

"The Wheel of Time" premieres November 19 on Amazon Prime.